BREWER: London Fields Brewery, East London


ABV: 5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @LdnFldsBrewery

INSTAGRAM: londonfieldsbrewery



Its a tough life you know, being a beer reviewer…

After my relaxing Sunday is over Monday rolls around and with it comes all this hard work.

Typically of a Monday once the children have left for school, I’ll visit the MOB beer cupboard and pull out the brew that is set to be reviewed next. I’ll then sit a while and take in any information that is offered up on the packaging.

What am I to expect from this beer?
What hops are used?
Any story behind the brew?
Any information at all?

Once this is done I’ll place the tin or bottle down in the middle of my breakfast bar and go and make breakfast (typically of a Monday it will be scrambled eggs, sausages and hash browns served up with Encona Hot Sauce).
Once breakfast is down I’ll brew up a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea and sit back down at the breakfast bar and take a while to stare at the beer in question, absorbing the look and style of the packaging as well as the name that has been give you to the brew by its brewer. Once the cup of tea is finished I’ll then begin to tidy the kitchen but whilst doing so I’ll make sure I regularly glance towards the beer, still absorbing. I’ll then leave the kitchen and set about some odd jobs around the house. Then, after a small nap and a sink wash I’ll return to the kitchen for one final look at the beer being reviewed before leaving to go and get the my girls from school. That beer will then remain in its position, being idly glanced at until Wednesday morning.

Once awake full rested after a relaxed Tuesday (after Monday generally taking it out of me), Wednesday kicks into gear by me placing the beer into a place for it to get to the correct temperature for consumption on Friday.
The wait until test day Friday then begins….

Once Friday lunch is over things start to really tee off! There are the small matters of  glass selection, pouring, photographing, smelling, drinking and scoring the beer.. and then I’ve got to write it up! And they say nurses have it tough, honestly.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any harder, 3 Weiss Monkeys shows up.

Now, the reason 3WM really put me to work was because I didn’t like it. Now, as a pro beer reviewer that then puts you in the situation of trying to work out if it’s a good beer that is just not to your taste or a rubbish beer that just tastes…rubbish.

I’m going for the prior… just.

There is a heavy banana tone to this brew that doesn’t hang around for long at all but is very prominent up front. If the drinker is happy with this short sharp hit of bent yellow fruit then it’s not a bad beer at all. However if the drinker isn’t a fan of this approach to ale then it is probably one for them to avoid. This beer is refreshing, light and crisp and would fly down at a hot summer BBQ or with spicy ol’ grub from the East.

If you’re happy with these Monkeys bringing you bananas then give 3 Weiss Monkeys a go.. if not, just say no.

Jymi’s Rating: 62%



The only monkey I ever knew wasn’t very wise.  He heard lots of evil, saw lots of evil and spoke lots of evil.  He was quite possibly distantly related the evil monkey that resided in Chris Griffin’s (son of Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame) wardrobe. 

However, the crew at London Fields Brewery quite clearly knows some wise monkeys and have cleverly used that link to name their white, wheat beer (it’s actually a hybrid of IPA and wheat beer).  And so we have 3 Weiss Monkeys.  These wise monkeys appear to very streetwise too.  On first meeting they come across, as some kids say, on point.  The real test though is to see if they have any substance.

These three primates certainly do pack a punch on the nose.  But this punch is much more like an IPA than a wheat beer.  The look in the glass though definitely fits the brief and appears to be a cross between an IPA and a wheat beer. 

The flavour is interesting.  It really is like an IPA brewed with some malted wheat.  Part of me likes it and part of me isn’t sure.  It’s almost like drinking a slightly watered down IPA.  There is bags of fruity monkey flavour up front, which quickly subsides to give way to the wheat train.  What this leads to is a beer a little short on length in flavour, but one which is very refreshing.

These three monkeys definitely have substance.  They know what they’re about and together, they make for a different troupe compared to what we are used to.  They are a little challenging, but without a challenging monkey or three, where  would we be? 

Sammy’s Rating: 80%





MOB review next weekend: HOPADELIC by BY THE HORNS 



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