BREWER: Brasserie de Saint-Sylvestre, Hauts-de-France

STYLE: Lager

ABV: 8.5%

VESSEL: 33cl

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It was a very rainy Saturday morning. It was also 5am. I was also off the back of a frankly ridiculous week at work. However, spirits were high as today was the day the MOB boys and their families set sail for their holiday in France!
Though we live about 20 miles apart, the plan was simple, depart at 7am and head for Folkstone EuroStar. Now this is where the genius came in. There was no planned RV point, we didn’t need one. Why? Because we had flippin’ Walkie Talkies didn’t we. The range on these suckers was 5km so the genius thinking was switch them on once we both hit the M25 and as long as we were both running to schedule surely we would be in range of each other?

07:23    Balding Eagle, this is Poached Egg, do you read me?

07:24    Balding Eagle, this is Poached Egg, do you read me?

07:25    Clare, this is Poach….. Are you receiving me? Over.

07:26    Sam???!!! Are you flippin’ there man??

So my wife, whilst shaking her head slowly, wondering quite how her life had come to this, called Sam’s wife on something called a mobile phone to see how progress was.

Turns out we were close to one another! So we pulled over at Maidstone Services, worked out how to use the Walkie F**kin Talkies, and then proceeded with much intent to Folkstone and the train to a week of max relax.

The plan was to test and review a French beer whilst we were away as it seemed the right thing to do. So after things were settled at the most incredibly quirky and eclectic abode that we had rented for the week Sam and I set our sights on the supermarché to get supplies.
Now, this is never a particularly good idea as together and excited usually results in the ridiculous we didn’t fail to deliver. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say Sam lost his head in the fromage aisle, we bought everything, but nothing of real use (rabbit pâté being a prime example), but we did however manage to grab some beers which included a few 3 Monts to sit back, savour and review.

After some pretty rapid chilling that moment arrived. Blazing sunshine, children playing in the pool without a care in the world, way better halves chillin’ n chattin’, and Sammy boy and I with beers in hand ready to test away. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Especially when I could see on Sam’s face that he was clearly a fan of this Biere de Flandre. The horror then dawned on me… I was about to wreck this wonderful moment because…. I flippin’ hated it!!

I mean the first half of the sip was fine, nice even. Very French, very refreshing, all good… but then I swallowed that sip and my world fell apart. Firstly, 3 Monts tastes too strong in the brew. Yes, I know it IS strong but for this style of beer to survive taste wise you cannot let that strength shine through in the taste. Also, I got a thick marzipan aftertaste from 3M which didn’t work out at all well in my brain.

Magical moment, mess of a beer.

Jymi’s Rating: 51%



First up, the nose on 3 Monts conjures up memories of holidays in France. It sends me instantly to a continental square that’s wrapped around with different bars all in sun-soaked heat thronging with local town life. Nice. That’s reassuring, considering that it is a French beer (or bier) and it’s got to be a good thing.
Again, unsurprisingly, 3 Monts tastes as you might expect. Exactly like a French beer. It’s unashamedly French. It’s crisp and refreshing and there’s nothing else that you’d want for on a holiday in France.
Although 3 Monts pulls no surprises, it is well balanced with sweetness. This is especially worth noting considering it’s 8.5% alcohol content.
So, while 3 Monts is quite simply what you’d expect from a French beer, it’s also of interest because of its strength. Perhaps not one for a whole night’s session, it’s definitely worth pulling on a few whilst cooking meat over the coals in the sunshine. Or, alternatively, have one as an accompaniment to soaking up some rays and local town life. It makes life a little better.


Sammy’s Rating: 76%





MOB review next weekend: SPITFIRE GOLD by SHEPHERD NEAME





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