BREWER: Shepherd Neame, Kent 

STYLE: Golden Ale

ABV: 4.3%

VESSEL: 500ml bottle 

TWITTER: @ShepherdNeame

INSTAGRAM: shepherdneame



Spitfire is the cornerstone of Shepherd Neame’s brewery. This, of course, is not Spitfire but rather it’s Spitfire Gold. Does the use of the word ‘gold’ in the name simply mean its a golden ale, or is it a little more than that?
In the bottle, Spitfire Gold looks good. The use of a clear bottle with the gold packaging, which is a shift from the iconic red and blue, works well. Once unleashed, the nose is a little non-existent, but is not unpleasant for a golden ale.
In the drinking, it’s perfectly pleasant. It’s light with a sweet first taste followed by very slight bitter after taste. Overall, for me, the maltiness is well-balanced with carefully selected hops and this lead’s to a very good golden ale.
Spitfire Gold has much going for it. It’s definitely sessionable and sits well as a lighter offering than a bitter. It might not quite live up to being a gold beer, but it’s definitely a great golden ale and I happily reach for it.

Sammy’s Rating: 82%



To the Garden of England we go and to a brewery older than the legacy of some very old AND bold Spitfire pilots. Shepherd Neame are based in a county famed for its abundance of hops so it’s no wonder they have been churning out some power ales for over three centuries. I’ve enjoyed many a regular Spitfire over the years and it has never let me down regardless of time of year nor setting and I trust Spitfire Gold to follow suit (though it’s not off to the best start as I’m not particularly enjoying the way it’s packaged up. I mean who presents a Golden Ale in a clear bottle?!).

Beer wise what we have is pure class in approach and dare I say understated brewing. This isn’t smacking you left, right and centre with hop explosions and clever turns. This isn’t making you question what you thought beer was and where the HELL it is going?? This is straight up quality brewing….

Crisp, light and a truck load of flavour. Really, really tasty and would quickly become a chum before blinking. The bitter / sweet subtle tones of this beer are just brilliant as it comes across as huge… but it’s not huge, it’s clever, and you need to go drink one.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%






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