BREWER: Verdant, Cornwall


ABV: 8%

VESSEL: 440ml

TWITTER: @VerdantBrew

INSTAGRAM: verdantbrew



Pulp was an English Brit Pop band. Perhaps not as well known as two other bands of that time, it was a successful band. In many ways, their music could be said to define Brit Pop. They undoubtedly had some timeless classics, and, love them or hate them, they have their place in history.
That was Pulp the band. This is Pulp the beer. Are there any similarities…
Well, on the nose there’s an awful lot of punch with the beer. And the band (particularly Jarvis Cocker) didn’t shy away from up front exploitation (remember the Michael Jackson incident at the Brit Awards).
The taste is quite fruity too. Some of the lyrics from Pulp’s back catalogue were also quite fruity.
That’s where the similarities end. The band were successful. While the beer isn’t unsuccessful per se, it’s not got enough about it to stand out from the crowd. It’s pleasant and it’s very drinkable. I’d happily enjoy it with friends. But it doesn’t have any oomph or uniqueness.
Pulp the band = Pulp
Pulp the beer = Elastica (who were good but not great during the Brit Pop era)


Sammy’s Rating: 69%




Fake Interview Guy: Jymi you look perplexed.. what’s up bud?

MOBJymi: Well FIG, for a start this whole packaging concept confuses me.

FIG: How so?

MOBJymi: Well for starters, have Verdant put a 330 label on a 440 tin?

FIG: Errrr not sure, shall we measure it?

MOBJymi: No need, even if they haven’t  the label is too small for the tin.

FIG: Miniature label aside what are your thoughts on the packaging as a whole?

MOBJymi: Well, Figgy boy I have to say… the colours are wrong, the style is messy and I honestly can’t get away from this shrunken label thing….but, with a name like Pulp and a hop exclamation mark it does make this DIPA look juicy, crushable and alluring.

FIG: What you on about?

MOBJymi: Dunno man, shall we crack her open?

FIG: Best you do…

MOBJymi: Woah!!! The aroma coming from this pup is HUGE! And very very good too.

FIG: Does the nose sum up the name?

MOBJymi: Good question Figgy.. you know what.. it really does. This DIPA smells like a trillion Guava have been Pulped just to make this one can.

FIG: Amazing, I can even smell it from here with my imaginary nose… How does it taste though?

MOBJymi: Well, this is where things get tricky. At first, not great. The info on the tin told me that the dry finish was going to hide Pulp’s strength. It doesn’t. It tastes really strong and at 8% I’m not sure that is a particularly good thing. However the further I get into this brew the more I’m beginning to enjoy it.

It’s not particulatly juicy nor crushable and does take some getting used to but once over all of this plus the packaging mishap… Pulp is pretty good you know.

FIG: Anything more to add?

MOBJymi: Not really no.. should I go and find somebody real to talk to?

FIG: silence

Jymi’s Rating: 75%




MOB review next weekend: WERRRD! by ELECTRIC BEAR BREWING CO.

…and it just so happens to be our 100th brew review too x






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