BREWER: Windsor & Eton Brewery, Berkshire, England

STYLE: Golden Ale

ABV: 3.8%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @windsoretonbrew

INSTAGRAM: windsoretonbrewery

DATE POSTED: 1st November 2019



So next week the MOB SQUAD turn up to offer their thoughts on BIG WAVE by KONA BREWING CO.

The way it is going to work is that Sammy and I will do the same as we normally do each week but running along side of that will be a collective team named MOB SQUAD, obvs. They will be putting forward their individual thoughts on BW but in only 5 words, plus a percentage score that will go towards a collective percentage rating. It’ll make more sense once live next week.

So to get into the spirit of this I’m going to limit my review of KOTG to 5 words per topic I want to bring up. Even though the MOB SQUADERS are limited to 5 words total it’s kinda on script…  kinda.


PACKAGING: Disappointing, Underwhelming, Unnoticeable, Weak, Fun.

NOSE: Beery, Prominent, Classic, Fresh, Nostalgic.

TASTE: Light, Smooth, Citrus, Sessionable, Great.

Go get one!! And if in that there Windsor get to their tap room, it will not disappoint.

Jymi’s Rating: 75%



Golden ales can be middle of the road. Often at times they sit somewhere in the beer wilderness, not doing too much. They can be beery but lacking in personality. This may seem a little harsh, but it’s true.

And then we have Knight of the Garter from Windsor and Eton Brewery. It most certainly isn’t middle of the road. It’s an exceptional golden ale. Actually, it’s an exceptional beer full stop.

Windsor and Eton Brewery has packed citrus flavour into this brew. It’s crisp and refreshing, perfectly balanced with hops and acidity. And this runs all the way from the nose through to the sipping and onto the aftertaste. This magical balance makes Knight of the Garter really drinkable. It’s a pleasure to have in hand.

Just a note to the creatives at W and E – the label could do with a little bit of a brush up. Apart from that this is a top drawer beer.

Knight of the Garter epitomises what a beer should be. And I cannot wait to have the next one!

Sammy’s Rating: 89%




MOB review next weekend: BIG WAVE by KONA BREWING CO.


… and yes, the freshly assembled MOB SQUAD will be offering their words on this beer too.


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