BREWER: Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire, England

STYLE: Stout 

ABV: 6.5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @SirenCraftBrew

INSTAGRAM: sirencraftbrew

DATE POSTED: 7th December 2019


I know stouts are dark. But Broken Dream is really dark. And let’s be honest, the name is dark. It suggests a place that one doesn’t really want to go to. However, the key question isn’t about dreams per say, it’s about whether or not this particular Broken Dream is one that we want to have or not.

So, the dark theme continues beyond the name and look of this stout. The nose is packing dark roast coffee. It’s heavy and it’s enticing.

I have to warn you, be prepared when you drink Broken Dream: it’s heavy and thick. In fact, it’s almost fair to say the taste is dark. It’s syrupy, with a hint of cream that sits above the predominant coffee flavour.

Look, I love stouts. This, perhaps, will not be everyone’s cup of tea, or glass of stout for that matter. But Broken Dream is intriguing. It’s not a beverage that you could have a session on; it’s one for a special occasion. But it’s different. It’s rich. It’s heavy. It’s dark. And there’s nothing else out there quite like it.

This is most definitely another big hitter from Siren and it makes sense from inception to digestion!

Sammy’s Rating: 87%


I’ve always been a bit of a Siren advocate. Possibly as they are pretty local to me but mainly because every beer I’ve ever had of theirs has been exceptional to be honest. The one thing I was never totally on board with was the packaging of beers and taps heads in pubs and bars. It wasn’t the concept that I had an issue with, as was very much on board with that. It was more the delivery. I could never really put my finger on exactly what wasn’t doing it for me. Ratios? Colours? Layout? Never really did get to the bottom of it to be honest and found myself dreaming of what this branding concept could look like on a tin?

Well fast forward to not very long ago and Siren started canning and holy hell has it made a difference to the look of these already in my opinion, incredible beers.

Anyway, to Broken Dream. A little drunk birdie had once told me that this breakfast stout had won the champion beer 2018. It was time to see if BD not only lived up to that title but also to the huge pressure that I had heaped on Siren in my own melon to keep on delivering exceptional brews.

Well, let’s just start with… If you happen to drink this in a shed, it will blow the roof off. If you’re consuming in a garage, well the door is coming clean off. And if you happen to be drinking this cat in a bunker then you better get out quick as this beer is gonna blow the s#*t out of it.

My oh my this is one big boy brew!

When pouring this thing you instantly pick up the huge and delightful coffee and chocy (that was meant to say chocolate but I quite like the ring of coffee and chocy so it stays in, OK?!) aroma as well as the deep black colour of this stout and off brown thin head. You can just instantly tell you’re dealing with a major player. The very first moment of the sip is quite delicate, very smooth and subtle but then in come the flavour rockets and blow your brain apart. Coffee BOOM. Chocy BOOM. Cream BOOM. Cherry BOOM. It’s just huge and an absolute delight. Once all that is over and you’re feeling pretty drained the drinker is left with a long cream finish that fades to a bitter aftertaste, actually, afterglow. Then it is time for the second sip…


Jymi’s Rating: 93%








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