BREWER: Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle, Antwerp, Belgium

STYLE: Dubbel

ABV: 7%

VESSEL: 33CL brown bottle

TWITTER: @abbeywestmalle

INSTAGRAM: westmallebelgium

DATE OF POST: 17th April 2020


Westmalle Dubbel is, as you’d expect for a Trappist, dark in colour. And that makes it look a little foreboding, as is often the case with this style of beer. But it’s not. It’s light and easy to drink.

In fact, I could see myself supping WD very happily on a warm summer’s day in a bustling Belgian square. Sound idyllic doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I’m dreaming of while swigging it back in my garden during our countries current lockdown.

But it gets me thinking, dreaming perhaps, of a beer trip to Belgium. Drinking the local beers in their natural habitat with not a care in the world (except about which beer next). Oh the places we’d go! The things we’d see (more and more blearily as the trip progressed and the beers flowed)!

As I said, just dreaming. But that’s what WD has done for me during this sunny spring lockdown day in the UK.

Time you tried one I reckon…

Sammy’s Rating: 87%


Craft beers used to be really hard to get hold of in the UK and some still are to be fair. Some of the relatively everyday beers from around our globe also used to be very hard to source. You may have known a guy who knew a guy that knew a shop where one could venture many miles to get some of the less mainstream and international beer offerings. But other than that, unless you got lucky, the variety available to us beer drinkers was fairly limited.
Nowadays, things have changed. I have to say I am always amazed at the selection available in most UK supermarkets. Yes you still have the classic 24 lagers for 14p offerings but now you can find a literal wall of ale, as well as an adjoining craft beer wall. The selection is vast and the price is mostly fair if not cheap. Now I don’t care if you’re a purist or not, this has to be a good thing. Tesco winning awards for independent beer retailer of the year in this field is a step too far, I concede, but quality beers well priced that are easily accessible to the masses has to be positive. It HAS TO BE. The fact you can pick up the worldy of a beer that is this Trappist Westmalle Dubbel from a supermarket for under £3 just underlines this.

This beer is an absolute superstar, I am telling you now!

Before you even get to tasting WD the senses of sight and smell get a good working over. This dubbel presents itself an incredible cherry red and the lacing up the side of the glass reassures you that you’re in good hands.

Once drinking, a beaut of a sour cherry nose leads the way into a light and soft sip with the most delicate of touches (please remember this beast is 7%, it will pay to concentrate here). During the sipping experience an almost marzipan thing comes along but even for the almond haters among us this is honestly a good thing. There is such a full dark fruit cherry flavour to Westmalle’s Dubbel but not so much that is comes anywhere near to taking your head off (it’s 7% remember so it will take your head off).

A superb beer that isn’t too complex. Dare I say a starter Belgian?
Can’t actually believe I wrote that.

Jymi’s Rating: 91%

Jymi’s Rating: 91%



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