BREWER: Ridgeside, West Yorkshire, England with Elusive Brewing, Berkshire, England

STYLE: New Zealand IPA

ABV: 6%

VESSEL: 440ml tin 

TWITTER: @RidgesideBrewer   @ElusiveBrew

INSTAGRAM: ridgesidebrewery   elusivebrew

DATE OF POST: 12th June 2020



What we have here I fear is a case of shabby packaging but high quality beer.

Let us take a step back in time to when we reviewed Fuck Art by To Øl. I seem to remember stating extremes along the lines of ‘this is the worst looking tin of beer I have ever seen’ and ‘this is one of the best beers that I have EVER consumed’.

Now Pixel Party does not have the worst packaging ever nor is it one of the very best beers that I’ve ever tasted but both are towards the end of those spectrums believe me.

Let’s continue on the positive first. This is an absolute cracker of a brew. A cracker I tell thee!! A classic NZIPA delivered by Rockridge up in West Yorkshire with some help from Elusive down in Berkshire. It is light but with an underpunch. It is very flavoursome without messing with your head. It is crazy refreshing and crushable and all weighing in at 6% ABV. There really isn’t anything negative going on here,  it’s just lovely and very well brewed.

Now packaging wise I really am not sure what the hell has happened. It is a total f**k up. I first approached it thinking “well this is fun”, but 3 seconds later came to my senses and realised the utter nightmare of it all. Everyone involved with this tin making it to the shelves looking like this needs to take a long hard look in the mirror as it is letting down a frankly excellent beer.

And that, is that.

Jymi’s Rating: 87%



Everyone loves a party. Well, almost everyone. As long as it’s your type of party that it is. And I’m going to be honest (it’s the best way to be), the sound of a Pixel Party sounds great to me. Proof will be in the drinking…

To begin with, it looks fantastic in the glass. Carrying on the party theme, the invitation is good. Top notch. It’s a party that you want to go to. Great start then.

And the Hors d’oeuvres are good too. Wonderful nose. I’m getting the impression I’m going to want to stay at this party. Could be an all nighter!

The main event is well worth waiting for too. Pixel Party brings it to the, err, party. Love the grapefruit flavours. Love the sharpness, the sourness. Love the mouthfeel. Looks like I’m staying. I want to meet, talk to and spend time with every guest.

So, Pixel Party is a party that I want to stay at. The only problem is, I ain’t that good at all nighters these days. You know, age and wot not. Still, that’s my problem. Pixel Party has no problems. Class act.

Sammy’s Rating: 88%




MOB review next weekend: SMASH by BRASSERIE PARISIS





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