BREWER: Uprising, Berkshire, England


ABV: 10%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @UprisingBrewing

INSTAGRAM: uprisingcraftbrewing

DATE OF POST: 3rd October 2020



We’ve all had times when we’ve (metaphorically and literally) entered wastelands. And, although a necessity on the path of life, if we are honest, they’re not the most charming of places to be. Still, wastelands are unavoidable. So, naming a beer after such a landscape could be genius, as much as it could be disastrous.

I get why you’d call a beer Wasteland. Especially when it’s a double IPA. But for it to work, it has to stand the test. It has to be good to carry off such a coup. And in this double IPA, there’s ten different hops. That’s a lot of hops. I’m anticipating these breaking on through…

The first point of note about Wasteland is not the nose, as you might expect with so many hops rattling around during the brewing, it’s the darker tones of the liquid in the glass. It’s not that it’s an unpleasant nose, it’s just very light caramel, almost lacking in personality.

However, the drinking is good. It’s a little heavy as you might expect with a double IPA but it does have a lot of flavour. I’m pleased to say that the 10 hops do come through. Wasteland is very bitter and pulls on the back of your tongue.

If you’re a lover of double IPAs and stronger beers, this is a good brew. And to be fair, it does live up to its name.

Sammy’s Rating: 71%



A double IPA weighing in with a double figure ABV you say?

A beer brewed using 10 different hops you say?

It’s called Wasteland now is it?

Oh, and it has a sinister purple, crow infested label on it too I see.

I dunno Frank, I’m pretty flippin’ scared man (Frank is a made up chap for the purpose of… well I’m not too sure what actually).

Ok, let’s get one thing straight, although this is a strong ol’ beer with a full on flavour I did not need to be scared. This is a decent brew and a fine representation of a DIPA for sure. Picking out the individual hops is impossible. It’s also hard to realise Wasteland is 10%. YES, it’s strong in the taste but doesn’t feel like it reaches the very dizzy heights of 10% ABV.

All in all Wasteland brings you a lovely and smooth caramel nose followed by a complex, heavy and strong hit that comes with a DIPA.  A beer with a fantastic name and if you’re into this sort of style you really won’t go too far wrong with this monster brew from Uprising.

Jymi’s Rating: 77%



MOB review next weekend: BLOW OUT by MIKKELLER


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