BREWER: Mikkeller, Copenhagen, Denmark


ABV: 6%

VESSEL: 330ml

TWITTER: @MikkellerBeer

INSTAGRAM: mikkellerbeer

DATE OF POST: 9th October 2020



I’m gonna have to start with the packaging here. As much as it made me laugh once I had read the name and then looked over the tin art properly, I don’t like it. I find it a bit unsavoury if I’m honest. There is something not quite right about it. I actually can’t really explain what it is (that’s why I’m a multi award winning beer reviewer folks), there is just something that doesn’t sit well with me about the look.

Onto the beer itself I’m afraid to say things just continued to go downhill.

After a faint but actually quite pleasant nose plus, and I have to be honest, a fantastic look in glass, the first sip was a huge disappointment. It made me look at my now 90% full glass with a disappointed glare. I went for sip two pretty quickly just to see what was really going down but it ended with the same disgruntled stare. The mouthfeel is bizarre. Really bizarre. I can only describe it as banana like… odd. And the taste is not even close to an IPA. It’s not hoppy enough and bares no spike at all. An IPA needs something about it, not a soft mango and lychee under carbonated tone. I don’t want that. I really really don’t. I know beer classification is a bit loose nowadays but to label this brew an IPA is frankly ridiculous.

There is something about Blow Out that possibly could be construed as positive, but ultimately it isn’t a positive at all… See Blow Out is intensely smooth, but in a Worthington’s Creamflow kind of way. Unfortunate.

Jymi’s Rating: 39%



Most like a blow out once in a while. It’s human nature, after all. And what’s wrong with that. Given the complexities of the path known as life, it’s hardly surprising is it? However, what we are contemplating here is whether or not we like Blow Out (the beer – get it?).

To begin with, it’s a cracking name for a beer. Come on – you can’t argue with it. Somebody has thought long and hard about it and they deserve to be given credit for it. And although the name of the beer is let down by the design of the can, the concept overall is good.

And in the drinking BO does not fail to make me smile. It’s sweet and light, with fruit and honey jumping around the palate. Sure, this won’t be to everyone’s taste but there’s no denying that it’s well brewed. It doesn’t do anything clever and it’s not particularly complex. But I can’t pretend that I don’t like BO, because I do.

Imagine a hot summer’s day. The sun is beaming down. Bird are chirruping in the background. Bees buzz (slightly annoyingly). This is the scene for BO. This is where it would come in to it’s own. And while we are hunkering down for another winter, summer days becoming a distant memory, BO still has its place.

You see, a good beer is a good beer any time of the year.

Sammy’s Rating: 86%









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