BREWER: Pentrich Brewing Co., Derbyshire, England


ABV: 6.8%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @PentrichBrewing

INSTAGRAM: pentrichbrewing

DATE OF POST: 16th October 2020



Used to be a time when one in a million was considered unique. But, what with increasing individual western wealth and a world population on the rise, one in a million just ain’t what it used to be. And if anyone’s looking for proof, watch Austin Powers. So it seems to me, we should be talking billions, not millions. But, to be fair to Pentrich Brewing, millions is still a lot. And if we were talking pounds (as in sterling) in my bank account, I wouldn’t be acting so flippantly. Or indeed, if anywhere near a fraction of million people read this review, I’d be claiming world beer domination!

Anyway, after my hardly relevant deviation, let’s consider what we are here for: Shine Like Millions (the beer)…

The first point of note, even before opening the can, is that SLM is lightly carbonated. How can you tell, I hear the millions asking? Pick up the can, squeeze lightly, and watch you fingers descend into said can more readily than compared with a highly carbonated beverage stored in a can. This is confirmed once the can of SLM is popped and the beverage is poured into an appropriate glass.

And this lack of carbonation then filters through to everything. You see, while SLM is a tasty beer, which is well brewed, the lack of bubbles don’t carry through the flavour to the back of your tongue. So while you might be able to taste all the named hops, they don’t have the necessary platform on which to shine (ironic, given the name of the beer). And that’s a shame.

Given it’s so flat, SLM is also difficult to get through. And that leaves me feeling flat.

With SLM, a few bubbles would go a long way to making this beer a lot more of a player.

Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with being one in only a million…

Sammy’s Rating: 63%



Though I admire what Pentrich have done with their packaging here and see the angle, I don’t particularly like it. I get it. I just don’t like it.

Same goes for the name of this IPA too if I’m honest. I get it, I think… actually I don’t get it.

However when it comes to the inside of this tin things begin to look up in a big way.

Shine Like Millions pours an amazing thick and juicy orange and emits a slightly predictable yet very good classic modern IPA aroma but with a drop of sweet mango in the background. That is the last we see of the Mango however as once into SLM sweet would be the last adjective you would use to describe it. I think I’m going to have to take this step by step you know.

To try and get across what is going on here in any other way would be too confusing for me and by the time you folk had read it believe you me, I wouldn’t be the only one confused.

So, going from first sip the mouthfeel of this beer is absolutely fantastic. Much like the nose it is thick and juicy. Once swallowed the thick texture remains but very slowly starts to dissipate, eventually leaving a light subtle aftertaste that then slowly starts to intensify again leaving a bitter orange peel aftertaste! Progressing through the brew much remained the same however two things changed once about halfway through. First thing was that a real dryness began to creep in throughout the middle of the sip. A nice addition to wake you up I thought but to be fair would probably stop me having too many of these suckers (the 6.8% situation may have something to say about that too to be fair). The other thing that changes as you progress through the drink is the orange peel finish loses its intensity and softens out.

A very clever and enjoyable drop from these Derbyshire dudes.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%



MOB review next weekend: ARCTIC PALE ALE by EINSTÖK ÖLGERÐ





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