BREWER: Einstök ÖlgerÐ, Northeastern Region, Iceland

STYLE: Pale Ale 

ABV: 5.6%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @EinstokBeer

INSTAGRAM: einstok 

DATE OF POST: 23rd October 2020



I am going to start off with a picky packaging point this weekend simply because it’s been nagging at me all week whilst staring at this tin. When looking at this beer’s logo and name etc from the front you can also see the barcode on one side and the edge of the blurb on the other. I suppose this doesn’t really matter but it does make the aesthetic of this tin a bit chunky and say’s to me that the attention to detail may be lacking here. Hopefully that doesn’t transfer to the beer.

Before cracking this brew my mind also turned to where one might drink this beer. I’m not sure a crisp arctic pale ale that is brewed just 60 miles from the arctic circle would be particularly welcome to be drunk 60 miles from the arctic circle! But luckily I’m way further away in warmer climes and it’s quite a nice day so pop the tin I did…

I have to say, though light and crisp I was pretty disappointed with what was going on with APA…

It is seriously lacking flavour and is almost bordering on a lager. It is lacking a hop dimension to call itself a Pale Ale and to be honest I just found the whole experience of this beer underwhelming.

Arctic Pale Ale doesn’t taste bad don’t get me wrong, but it really doesn’t taste very good either.

Gimmick?  I think this may be so.

Jymi’s Rating: 42%



Iceland and beer? Perhaps not two words we might put together if we were playing a game of word association. But when you do stumble across them together, particularly when what we are sampling here has the word ‘Arctic’ in its name, my goodness me it isn’t half enticing. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about the prospect of any beer brewed with Arctic (pure) waters, let alone one called Arctic Pale Ale.

Unleashed, it looks quite dark in the glass but this makes sense when you get those caramel aromas from the nose. And the drinking is crisp, with a subtle bitter note, which is well balanced. I like the slight burnt caramel vibe going on with APA. You can definitely tell it has some American hops kicking around it it.

So, it appears Iceland and beer are a good word association. Well, let’s be clear, it’s a strong association in the right hands. And this most definitely is.

The crispness is apparent. Just what I was hoping for. I would definitely enjoy one of these after a frozen fishing trip up in the Arctic Circle. Actually, I would definitely enjoy one sitting in my living room with the central heating on. Or anywhere else for that matter!

Sammy’s Rating: 83%






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