BREWER: Guinness, Leinster, Ireland

STYLE: Stout

ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @GuinnessIreland

INSTAGRAM: guinness

DATE OF POST: 23rd May 2021



Ok, so over the next two weeks, we are doing a linked review. We will be testing Guinness Original this week, then onto West Indies Export next week. The aim will be to do more of these in the future. The idea is that GO will provide the benchmark to compare the export with.

There’s no escaping the domination that Guinness has on the stout market. It has to be said it’s clear to see why. Whether it be an original or a draught, there’s something so earthy and hearty about Guinness, it has defined the stout taste. Others have come and gone but they have fallen in the wake of the giant. While there are now many small scale breweries doing astonishing stouts, there is only one name in the macro business.

GO is a nostalgic beer for me. When my parents first permitted me to have the odd beer, this was one of the mainstays. And for that reason I find I have a soft spot for it. Whether that distorts my perception of it or not, I cannot say. What I can say, is that GO is an earthy and warming stout. It’s fairly light bodied, not complicated on the palate and easy to drink. It conjures up memories of festive seasons by the fire. Or rugby matches endured in the cold.

GO’s roasted malted barley really does make it a fantastic mouthful. It packs flavour and reassures the soul.

I know there’ll be many a critic. I know there’s better, more considered brewed stouts out there. But there’s something just so, Guinness about it. And for me, it pulls on the heart strings.

Sammy’s Rating: 85%



I used to be pretty slick as a teenager…

Now I’m not talking leather jacket and toothpick slick, no no.

I’m not even talking getting insured on your Mum’s Gold VW Passat GT for a day so you could drive to a party slick.

I’m talking wearing chunky fluorescent yellow ski socks to school kinda slick. There were all the do as you’re told kids in their grey numbers, walking in grids with no expression. Whilst Jymi would be meandering free between them in his bright yet warm socks.

On one particular day there was an event after school, literally no clue what it was I’m afraid. However this event involved parents and guardians coming along and drink was available. Now judging by the photos I’m fairly sure me and my two chums (Sammy being one of them) were drinking openly, so I’m assuming it was allowed but anything is possible I guess. What is also apparent from the pictures is that I was drinking Guinness Original out of a bottle whilst my mates were on lager. And I remember why… it was because I was so fu**ing cool. The fact it was warm and nothing like the chilled draught stuff I had tried before didn’t matter. I was cool. I was different. I had very bright socks on. All was well.

It tasted like totally s**t that night but I’m sure that was just me because what I’m drinking here now is nothing short of lovely. Nowadays I’m definitely still more versed on Draught Guinness but this has a touch more elegance and refinement about it for me. The nose, sip and mouthfeel are just divine and unmistakably Guinness. There is something about it that makes you want another which is also unmistakably, Guinness.

All in all this is just a champion brew with an unrivalled name and you can see why.

Seriously looking forward to the West Indies porter next week… the one that got sent overseas all the way back when.

Jymi’s Rating: 81%



MOB review next weekend: WEST INDIES PORTER by GUINNESS

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