BREWER: Guinness, Leinster, Ireland

STYLE: Porter

ABV: 6%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @GuinnessIreland

INSTAGRAM: guinness

DATE OF POST: 30th May 2021



Well after last week’s predictable greatness I have to say I was more than excited to get stuck into the iteration that was sent west from Dublin. Similar to an IPA leaving English shores set for India in the days for the British Raj the Guinness leaving St James’ Gate on its way to the Caribbean was brewed stronger so the beer could withstand the long journey across the Atlantic.

With it’s origins in an 1801 entry in Guinness’ brewers diaries this West Indies Porter was inspired by the first brew purposely brewed at St. James’s Gate to retain freshness ready for its long journey ahead.

Upon tasting I really think my one word notes in my book pretty much told the story of what was going on with this brew… well other than the last word. Crickey.






A prominent chocolate nose gives way to a lovely smooth yet strong tasting Porter. This smoothness does lead you down the ‘I could sink a few of these path’ but the strength in taste does keep reminding you that you probably shouldn’t!

I like this drink a lot. It is very different to its home bird brother in Guinness Original, but you can still tell it has come out of St. James’s gate.

Jymi’s Rating: 79%



Here we are; week 2 of our first linked review. This week, it’s  Guinness’s West Indies Porter’s (WIP) turn to come under the microscope.

Straight up, the packaging is a hit. I love the retro front label. It sets it aside from Guinness Original (GO), but there’s most definitely the same brand feeling going on.

And the nose, well there’s no mistaking it’s Porter original and this stands in contrast to GO.  It’s mellow but still earthy. Not being at all overpowering or complex, the coffee notes are unmistakable.  This mellowness continues through to the drinking. It’s slightly sharp and bitter up front, giving way to toffee mellowness.  All through, the hint of hops treads lightly on the tongue.

This is definitely different to GO. It’s more mellow and slips away easy. But the thing is, they’re both good mass produced beers.

If you want something a little more punchy, then GO is your go to (get it). For mellow notes, stick to WIP. But you won’t go wrong with either.

Sammy’s Rating: 85%



MOB review next weekend: NADA by POLLYS

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