BREWER: Polly’s, Flintshire, Wales


ABV: 8%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @pollysbrewco

INSTAGRAM: pollysbrewco

DATE OF POST: 6th June 2021



Nada fits into a place in the beer world where there are many competitors. Like any product that sits in a crowded market, it has to be different to do well. And different does not necessarily mean better. It needs to have something that just sets it aside from the rest. You know, something to make it memorable.

Although Polly’s produce some great beers, Nada, sadly, is not one of them. It’s good. But it has no je ne sais quoi. If you want an analogy, you might like to call it ploddy in a sprint.

It’s hazy in the glass and this makes Nada look class. The dank tropical notes, leaning towards mango, are also pleasant. But the drinking, which has enough bitterness, leave you wanting more in the flavour department. While it’s not unpleasant, there is just no force driving Nada on.

You won’t dislike Nada. You possibly won’t have your love for it kindled either.

Good old hazy glass look – class

Sammy’s Rating: 68%



Things I absolutely adore about this beer:

The packaging – Even though Beavertown have gorn all Heineken on us, their packaging as a whole is still fantastic. Two Cocks Brewery in Berkshire also have utterly sensational looking bottles for their traditional beer. This particular tin of Polly’s for me is up there with the VERY best. Colours, tone, subtlety… This tin has it ALL! It looks gorgeous.

The nose – wow, the experience for the olfactory from the second you pop this pup until the brew is done is INCREDIBLE! The sweet tropical lychee is just so alluring.

The mouthfeel – It is just plain to see that from the texture in mouth this beer has been brewed to the highest level.

The thing I really like about this beer:

The taste – So many fruit notes to pick up on. Juicy on the cheeks with a dank bitter finish, this beer is full on! Because of it’s intensity it took a while to get into but once there Jymi was a happy chappy.

Things I don’t particularly like about this beer:

The intensity – This is very much a slow sipper because of the aforementioned intensity. However, the tropical yet bitter fruit flavour is just too good to only have one or maybe two. It left me wanting more but unable to have more.

The name – Nada? Great sounding word yes, but it means NOTHING… Why would you call a beer Nothing Pollys? I just don’t get it, sorry.

But all in all, a cracker of a brew!

Jymi’s Rating: 84%



MOB review next weekend: GOLD by BUTCOMBE BREWING CO. 

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