BREWER: Deya, Gloucestershire, England


ABV: 8%

VESSEL: 500ml tin

TWITTER: @deyabrewery

INSTAGRAM: deyabrewery

DATE OF POST: 11th July 2021



I love single hop beers. They’re great for honing your old buds. But so often, they’re unremarkable.

Here though, the main player is mosaic hop, derived from good old simcoe. And it can pack a punch.

However, Saturated In Mosaic, while brilliantly named and conceived, is somewhat lacking.

I was desperate to love this beer. And while I don’t hate SIM, it’s just not setting the world on fire. It has the sweetness you might expect and although there is some bitterness SIM is lacking in a vessel to carry its flavour. To be blunt, it fizzles out too quickly.

The best way to sum up SIM is simple: admirable, not exceptional.

Great to train your taste buds on though.

Sammy’s Rating: 59%



This is a fine beer indeed make no mistake! From the get go the sun did shine when it came to this belter of a brew from Cheltenham.

First off the wonderful tropical nose hit me square on the hooter before the beer had even left the tin on it’s way to the glass.

Then, I have to say, the look of this brew in the glass was just mesmeric! So juicy, so thick, so inviting.

Sip one got the heart racing even more. Super soft mouthfeel, I think Deya have the local water to thank for this (that’s not to take away anything from the quality in the brewing). The delicate texture of the sip was also joined by an awesome amount of tropical fruit flavour whilst still remaining light and not feeling anywhere near it’s lofty 8%. Once swallowed slowly but surely a bitterness crept in, which then intensified, and then intensified some more.


Now, after the bitterness in the aftertaste my palate was craving a revisit to the brew. More juiciness was required! Then wait for the bitterness, then go again! However, just before my lips hit the beer for the second time something happened. An overwhelming scent of fresh pineapple juice went flying up my nose! The smell was undeniable. FANTASIC for this to happen mid sip I must say.

I then settled into this single hopped Mosaic brew with a smile on my face enjoying every sip of the drinking journey that Deya were taking me on.

The fact I think Deya’s packaging has been atrocious from day one we will leave to one side for today because folks, if possible, you should source, purchase and savour the delight that is Saturated in Mosaic.

Oh, it comes along in a 500ml vessel too. That is well worthy of a cap doffing.

 Jymi’s Rating: 88%



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