BREWER: Estrella Damm, Catalonia, Spain

STYLE: Lager

ABV: 4.6%

VESSEL: 660ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @EstrellaDammCat

INSTAGRAM: estrelladamm

DATE OF POST: 18th July 2021



If I were to pick a favourite mass produced lager, it would not be Estrella. Strangely, it’s not a bad beer.  It’s just incredibly average.

For me, I prefer it in the 330ml cans as opposed to the larger bottles. This can probably be attributed to the fact that a small vessel keeps it cooler longer.

Other than saying the obvious about Estrella – it’s everything you’d expect from a macro beer – there’s not too much to report on here.

If someone were to offer me an Estrella at a BBQ, I’d say yes. But I, myself, would not be taking them to said BBQ.

Sammy’s Rating: 51%



I like this beer, and the reason I like this beer is that it transported me to the Spanish sun. A Catalan town square to be more precise, sat there sipping and soaking up the blazing afternoon Spanish rays. Now I wasn’t necessarily expecting this. I have drunk Estrella plenty of times before either from a tin or on tap in a pub, and I had only ever thought that this was a nice enough widely available lager. Never before, from memory anyway, had I popped the top off a 660ml ice cold bottle and poured into this stunning glass. This was also under test conditions so I was very much concentrating.

So the top was off (the bottle that is, I didn’t actually think I was in the Spanish sun, come on) and the beer was poured and the nose coming from my Estrella was surprisingly good for a lager. There were plenty of bubbles running through it making the beer quite the sight. But when taking my eagerly anticipated first sip this brew didn’t come across as too carbonated at all, which was a real surprise. It was smooth, light and refreshing with good amount of flavour running through. Now normally with a lager the taste can fall off a cliff a little once swallowed but Estrella hung around with a solid and reasonably long aftertaste.

All in all this was a beer I enjoyed and would happily drink again most probably on a super sunny day.

 Jymi’s Rating: 76%



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