BREWER: Wadworth, Wiltshire, England

STYLE: Rum Infused Ale

ABV: 5%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @Wadworth

INSTAGRAM: officialwadworthbrewery

DATE OF POST: 25th July 2021



Confusion was in the air before even pouring this pup…

Some of it, maybe all of it,  due to my very limited knowledge on what I’m about to go on about.

So, what is the name of this beer? Swordfish? Navy Wings? Swordfish – Navy Wings? Also, is a Swordfish a type of bi-plane? If so, cool, if not, what hell is going on?  Also, are bi-planes able to fly high above the mighty cumulonimbus type of cloud? I would have thought not but on our label they are soaring as high as a Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture. I really wish what was going with all of this was explained to me else where on the label, but it’s not.

Anyway, a Rum infused ale now you say. Well, I like ale, I like rum too. And I have always enjoyed spirit boozy old English ales. So things, from the inside of the bottle at least, were looking up.

Unfortunately, from a taste point of view, things were no longer high above to clouds but hovering along at a worrying 50ft.

The rum in the taste was nice, but I wanted more. The hop hit in the finish was pleasant, but I wanted more. The 5% ABV was suitable but I really think this beer would have benefited from more.

In conclusion this beer is fine yes, but lacking.

Jymi’s Rating: 54%



The packaging for Swordfish is shocking.  I can’t really get my head around the concept. And the link between rum and the navy, well it’s bordering on pathetic.

However, let’s move onto the things that really matter. And in the glass, you do get a hint of the rum. While the nose on Swordfish is not complex, it’s surprisingly pleasant. In fact, I’d stick my neck out here abs say it’s luring. The rum really does complement the hops. I like it’s earthy feel.

Swordfish is definitely full bodied and is surprisingly well balanced. Perhaps it may not setting the world on fire, it’s still a solid brew none the less. The biggest surprise for me comes with its caramel notes and strong bitter finish.

Swordfish does has some strengths, albeit a little rich to be sessioned. But overall, it’s a little underwhelming.

Sammy’s Rating: 54%



MOB review next weekend: LUSHINGTONS by SKINNERS

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