BREWER: Erdinger, Bavaria, Germany

STYLE: Wheat Beer

ABV: 5.3%

VESSEL: 0.5l brown bottle

TWITTER: @ErdingerWB

INSTAGRAM: there are hundreds, search and take your pick

DATE OF POST: 19th September 2021



A widely available beer, as in this sucker has gone global, and also the world’s number one selling wheat beer. However, before today I don’t recall ever trying it.

OK, I’m going to keep this brief…

Whilst initially sipping this beer I thought a fairly positive review was going to be coming out of my typing fingers. Pleasant, thick but somehow refreshing. These were positive signs for sure. But then the notes went something like this…

Doesn’t taste 5.3%, actually it doesn’t taste of anything at all. 

The more I got into this beer the more it dawned on me that it pretty much has no flavour!

It’s drinkable, it’s certainly sessionable, but a beer that doesn’t taste of anything?? Well well.

Jymi’s Rating: 43%



Erdinger is one of the best known examples of a wheat beer (even if those consuming it don’t realise this). And, of course, that means it’s mass produced. That doesn’t always mean poor quality – we have plenty examples of that not being the case. However, Erdinger is very much middle of the road and even though wheat beers aren’t my bag (or beer) there are much better brews of this type out there.

The nose isn’t doing too much but there is a hint of banana, which doesn’t do too much for me. But the real mediocrity of Erdinger is felt in the drinking. Sure, it’s got more presence in the mouth than you might expect but it doesn’t have too much flavour.

If you focus really hard, you get a slight spicy finish, preceded by light fruitiness. But the thing is, you shouldn’t have to try hard to find those flavours.

Erdinger might be one of the best selling wheat beers, it most certainly isn’t representative of the brewing style. Average at best.

Sammy’s Rating: 45%


MOB review next weekend: JAIL ALE by DARTMOOR BREWERY

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