BREWER: Dartmoor Brewery, Devon, England

STYLE: Golden Ale

ABV: 4.8%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle 

TWITTER: @DartmoorBrewery

INSTAGRAM: dartmoorbrewery

DATE OF POST: 26th September 2021



I have to say the swallow and aftertaste of this brew is just exquisite. Vibrant with a zesty fruit in the swallow moving to a creamy toffee like aftertaste. Very very good indeed.

However, and it is an however, the things that proceeded this loveliness kinda let it down.

There is something in the sip that I did not get on with. Wasn’t horrible but I was not too sure about it at all. I also could not pick what it was though. Pro as ever eh!

However once the aforementioned aftertaste waltzed in this became a really good sippable brew

Overall this is a pleasant beer absolutely at home for ‘avin’ a chin wag for 5 n 20 in the West Country.

Jymi’s Rating: 69%



The name of this brew definitely deserves a mention for its brilliantness: Jail Ale. While the prison may now be a low security affair, that’s not always been the case. So a beer brewed on Dartmoor and named Jail Ale is quite simply a stroke of genius.

Once unleashed JA surprisingly has a nice caramel colour in the glass. And the nose matches this well with its sweet burnt caramel notes. It’s light and uncomplicated but very clean.

JA has some sweetness in the taste giving way to a slight bitter finish. And interestingly there’s a creamy mouthfeel.

This is quite a straightforward brew. It wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking but it is different. There’s definitely a uniqueness about it and that’s a good thing.

It rich and Personally, I like it but I’d understand that it could split the crowd.

Sammy’s Rating: 82%



MOB review next weekend: COOL BEANS by BUTTS BREWERY

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