BREWER: Arundel Brewery, West Sussex, England

STYLE: Golden Ale

ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @ArundelBrewery

INSTAGRAM: arundelbrewery

DATE OF POST: 10th October 2021



Another 4ish% British Golden Ale you say… We’ve heard it all before Jymi I hear you cry. However, even though Sussex Gold isn’t wildly different to it’s brothers/competitors, it ain’t the same either…

Things got off to a magnificent start with SGs whiff… it is exceptional! A delightful vibrant citrus hit with a sweet hoppy thing going on too but also accompanied by a savory grass tone. It’s not often Jymi’s olfactory factory (nose in layman’s terms) pick’s up such nuances but the smell from this brew really was that good.

Once into the sip what became apparent was that Arundel Brewery really knew what they were up to as the mouthfeel and drinkabilty of this beer was also fantastic.

However, there is a slight lack in body and aftertaste. Plus I found this Golden a bit uncarbonated for me…

However, this is possibly all part of it’s genius. Any more body and aftertaste and the drinkability would dip. Any more carbonation and the sessionabilty would dip.

It’s a real fine line.

But when all is said and done Arundel Brewery have produced a very nice drop here.

Jymi’s Rating: 79%



Sussex Gold is a good example of a traditional golden ale done well. It’s clear, golden colour is as expected and this only serves to get the old tastebuds excited!

The nose is pleasant, grassy, but nothing to write home about. It’s in the drinking that the nose comes alive. As you quaff your first pull of the drink you really do get that summer mowed lawn sensation. And I love that.

The mouthfeel is good at first but perhaps a little too smooth in the finishing for a golden. To be fair, this initial smoothness does wear off as you drink on. SG gets better the further down the glass you go.  And this keeps it an interesting offering.

There is definitely a citrus note mid drink and I’d describe it as lightly hopped.

I like it. It’s a good beer.

Worthy of its name.

Sammy’s Rating: 81%



MOB review next weekend: DEVON DUMPLING by BAYS BREWERY

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