BREWER: Bays Brewery, Devon, England

STYLE: Golden Ale 

ABV: 5.1%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle 

TWITTER: @BaysBrewery

INSTAGRAM: baysbrewery

DATE OF POST: 17th October 2021



With an exceptional name like Devon Dumpling one would be expecting a strong and heavy winter ale. One to settle down with during the deep winter in front of a roaring fire with a chum and just chew that cud.

But DD is not that. Its’s a great Golden Ale. So, of course it is good news that the beer is a goodun but I’m not sure the name has been thought through too well. Sounds good, is good, but doesn’t suit the brew.

Anyway, as already mentioned, this is a cracking beer you know! A lovely spicy toned nose starts the party soon followed but an exceptional mouthfeel in the sip and swallow. I think we can probably thank the Devonian water for this. The spicy ride continues into the taste which may I add is very refreshing. The aftertaste is soft, not in a bad way, just soft and pleasant.

My only issue with this beer (other than the name match situation) is that seeing as this is branded as a STRONG GOLDEN ALE and is carrying a 5.1% abv, I think I wanted a bit more of a hit. Not much more, just a bit more.

However, when all’s said, Bays Brewery have produced a lovely beer in Devon Dumpling.

Jymi’s Rating: 86%



Who’d have ever thought we’d be drinking a beer named Devon Dumpling? Yet here we are, doing exactly that. Furthermore, who’d have thought a beer named Devon Dumpling would be any good? However, turns out it’s quite the find…

DD’s nose is intriguing and best described as being fairly complex with some spice hint backed by some sharp citrus fruit and some more rounded summer fruits. A little light on the nasal cavity, it’s a tempting introduction to the (fairly dark) golden ale.  Without the label of being a golden ale, I would describe it somewhere between the aforementioned brewing style and a trad bitter.

In the drinking DD really comes alive. It starts light and acidic, then onto heavy and full bodied in the middle all rounded off with a light finish. It makes for an unusual drinking experience but I like it. Each mouthful is a delightful surprise and it keeps DD fresh and interesting. Not necessarily a traditional golden ale but it’s a great drink.

This is one to get your hands on folks because if nothing else it’s quite different.

Sammy’s Rating: 87%




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