BREWER: Skinner’s Brewery, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.8%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @Skinnersbrewery

INSTAGRAM: skinnersbrewery

DATE OF POST: 16th January 2022



Porthleven is a town in Cornwall. Now, it’s also a beer because the beer is named after the town. And that’s a fact. There you go folks.

Porthleven (the beer, not the town) is zesty, floral and light. Sounds great. Well, it would be if there were more complexity or body to bulk it out. As it is, it’s very drinkable but very unremarkable.

Now, Porthleven, the town that is, is a beautiful place. It’s somewhere that one would be able to go back to time and again and never tire. It really is worth the visit. And it’s definitely worthy of having a beer named after it. It would be nice if that beer were a little more special.

Oh well…

Sammy’s Rating: 61%



I’m not entirely sure what it is…

The colours on the label of Porthleven are great. Vibrant, yet somehow dark. Big fan. The artwork is cracking too. Anything that resembles Ricky from Trailer Park Boys on a board is going to be a big hit with me. I also LOVE the crest of the wave, that isn’t backed up with the head on this beer but from a pure visual standpoint, I love it.

However, I just was not that much of a fan of the overall appearance of the bottle. How can you like all factors of the packaging A LOT but not be a fan of the actual packaging?? Question for the experts that one as it is way beyond me.

Just before popping P the whole Untameable Pale Ale hook line got to me a bit I have to say. I mean, what the F does that even mean?? If it was 11.5% then ok, let’s talk untameable. If it knew it was carbonated beyond belief and would take the nose off of any unsuspecting lid lifter then ok, untameable. Dunno, it’s all just hot air sometimes… bit like this blog #eyeemoji

But to the beer we go and Jymi boy is a fan! The first thing that struck me was… you can tell this is a Skinnner’s brew! I then had to work out why you could tell it was a product of this fine Cornish brewery (again, an expert here would be good). Ultimately, I put it down to the mouthfeel and not the taste. Betty Stoggs and Lushingtons felt the same to me but certainly did not taste the same so it had the be the texture. That Cornish water they use has to have something to do with it, it has to (water purity expert anywhere? No? Ok).

All in all this beer didn’t blow me away but I did really enjoy it. It is light, refreshing and crisp. Alright, there isn’t too much going on complexity wise but once you got into a few of this very drinkable Pale you would do well to tame it.


Jymi’s Rating: 74%



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