BREWER: Dark Star Brewing Co., West Sussex, England


ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @Darkstarbrewco

INSTAGRAM: darkstarbrewco

DATE OF POST: 9th January 2021



I’m fairly sure we have all had those dog shit days at work followed by a journey home that really takes the piss after an already challenging day…

I hate the term, it’s just one of those days, because it’s not, it’s just about how you are felling on said day and how the negative stuff gets to you, or not as the case may be.

However, the day I had when I first met Skylab for the first time was a genuine fu**er. I won’t go into the ins and outs but the day at work could have been better and on the journey home I hit 7/7 red lights as well as queuing for 20 mins to buy a savoy cabbage.

But Skylab did greet me upon my return home. And I enjoyed it, quite a lot actually. The mini review in my head went…

Awful can, is this a rebrand? Trying VERY hard. Really nice brew though.

And I left it there.

Fast forward 8 weeks to today and I have Skylab by Asahi owned Dark Star sitting in front of me ready to go under the MOB nose officially.

My thoughts on the tin haven’t changed. I do admire the bold let’s shake this up angle and the brewery name and logo do stand out VERY well. The general artwork is also pretty cool but personally as a whole I’m not a fan. Good concept gone bad I fear.

And unfortunately the beer under test conditions only came out as average too. It’s nice, it is. And it ticks all the boxes for a session IPA with the HOP TRIO of Simcoe, Columbus and Mosaic on show. But it’s just a little underwhelming and obvious for me.

Out of this world beer it is not.

Jymi’s Rating: 61%



When your strap line is ‘Out of This World Beer’, you are setting a high bench mark by which to be judged. And that’s exactly what Dark Star has done with Skylab!

The packaging is quite clearly out of this world. Well, it’s a space scene. That’s one box successfully ticked.

But beers are not about their cans, just like books are not about their covers. And sadly, if Skylab were a book, it would not be living up to the promised out of this worldliness.

Don’t get me wrong, Skylab is not in anyway bad. It’s crisp and has a sharp fizz finish. It’s just very… average. And average in craft IPA world ain’t going to get you very far.

That being said, I’d still happily chug one down if offered at a party.

Sammy’s Rating: 65%



MOB review next weekend: PORTHLEVEN by SKINNER’S BREWERY

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