BREWER: Moon Gazer, Norfolk, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @moongazerale

INSTAGRAM: moongazerale

DATE OF POST: 6th February 2022



I think, I think, it’s fair to say that 440ml tins of beer are more associated with the modern side of life when it comes to craft beer. The more traditional style of brewing normally get’s served to us in a 500ml glass bottle.

Now what Moon Gazer have done is somehow bring a traditional look to a 440ml can. Pretty clever to be fair, but I’m afraid they have also missed out on the opportunity to produce a really cool looking vessel. See, the top half of the can is very good indeed with all those little hare’s sitting behind the larger more prominent hare. If they had stuck with this for the whole can art it would have been a hats off moment I think. But with the bottom half of the art as it is, I’m just not that much of a fan. It is really confused and clunky.

Beer wise. what was I going to get?

A modern zingy citrus hazy pale. Or a traditional English Pale Ale? I had no idea…

Once sipping it became apparent that it was somewhere in between the two, again pretty clever. But again missing the mark a little. The citrus hoppy upfront flavour certainly nodded to a more craft style but it’s lack of punch and haze made it feel like there were nods to a more traditional beer style too.

A pleasant enough brew but nothing to write home about.

Jymi’s Rating: 53%



I’ve never met a hazy hare. In fact, I’ve never met a hare. I’d like to. But I’ll settle for Hazy Hare – the beer.  It’s a cracking can, to be fair. Lovey colour combination with a well thought out design.

Anyway. I’m waffling.

Onto the beer.

In a nutshell, HH is a very good beer.

In the glass, it’s pale, as promised. And while it’s not too complex by any stretch of the imagination, there are definitely enough pops and mini explosions of biscuity tropicalness to keep you interested throughout.

Where HH would come into its own would be on a summer’s day. It’s very easy to drink and would keep you refreshed one after another.

Well done.

Sammy’s Rating: 78%



Sammy & Jymi – Musing on Booze since 2017

Twitter: @museonbooze

Instagram: muse.on.booze


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