BREWER: Dolphin Brewery, Berkshire, England


ABV: 4.7%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @BreweryDolphin

INSTAGRAM: dolphinbrewery

DATE OF POST: 20th March 2022



Do you like Peaches Jymi?


How about Peach flavoured stuff?

No, not really.

What about Strawberries, are you a fan?

Yes, but it has to be a good fresh batch. Most nowadays struggle for flavour.

Do you like strawberry flavoured things?

No, not really. Though the odd McDonald’s strawberry milkshake has snuck through the net I have to admit.

What about Sour’s, do you like Sour’s?

I think you know Jymi better than that Jymi, I love Sour’s.

Do you like Conjuror – Dolphin Brewery’s Peach & Strawberry Sour, that you have in front of you today for review?

I don’t just like it, I adore it! It’s fantastic!!! And I’m very much looking forward to next week when we are testing Composer from this up and coming ultra-microbrewery from Berkshire.

Jymi’s Rating: 88%



Conjuror is the first of two beers from Dolphin Brewery that we’re reviewing over the next two weeks. Apart from the obvious brewery connection, both of these brews are at the sour end of the spectrum.

And it’s no secret I love a sour….

Conjuror does not disappoint. It’s quite a wonderful beer.

The nose oozes strawberries and peaches in abundance. There’s no hints here. It is full on fruity punching!!!  The only slight draw back on the nose is the sweetness; it’s a little too much when you’re expecting a sour…

However, once into the drinking Conjuror has the most amazing mouthfeel. It’s simply incredible. The sharp bite upfront mellows into middle sweetness all to be rounded off with a finishing sharpness. A very enjoyable drinking journey if I may.

Conjuror is perfectly balanced. It’s fair to say this beer is magic (sorry I couldn’t resist).

Sammy’s Rating: 90%


MOB review next weekend: COMPOSER by DOLPHIN BREWERY

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