BREWER: Dolphin Brewery, Berkshire, England

STYLE: Sour Saison

ABV: 6.1%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @BreweryDolphin

INSTAGRAM: dolphinbrewery

DATE OF POST: 27th March 2022



Dolphin are a teeny tiny two person brewery based in Reading. For the last year or so they have been making quite the impression locally for brewing some utterly sensational beer. What’s more getting hold of one of these aforementioned beers is hard! No sooner have they hit the bottle shop shelves they are gone. And then the wait for the next batch to arrive begins. Dolphin have been mainly focused on sour’s since they began, I don’t know the reason for this but can only imagine it is because the feedback has been soooooo good!

The few beers I have managed to get hold of have been nothing short of great. I also really like the simplicity of the bottle art, one-word names and knock out logo. It’s a very well thought out brand and backed up by cracking beer… these kids will go far!

Conjuror, our Dolphin beer from last week was a massive hit for Muse on Booze. Now it’s time to see how Composer will fare.

We all know I’m a fan of a Sour, but a Saison, not so much. I think that is because I am yet to come across a good one. Now a Sour and Saison blend I have never had so I am intrigued to say the least. We have also established that we are in good hands / fins here with Dolphin so the intrigue has built to excitement over the last few days.

Lid lifted, we are away…

Oh my, this is incredible!!!

All sour upfront with a magnificent fresh blackcurrant zing and the most awesome mouthfeel. You can really tell how much care and thought has gone into this. The saison side of life turns up in the aftertaste drying out the fruity vibe you get from the initial sip. Leaving the drinker looking at their drink, still in hand, with a massive smile of their face probably thinking… HOOOOOLY SHIIIIIT THAT’S GOOOOOOD!

Any they would be most correct.

Keep at it team Dolphin, you are splashing it out the park.

Jymi’s Rating: 91%



So, here we are. The follow-up review for a Dolphin beer.

Last week it felt like we’d reached a spurt peak with Conjuror. It felt like we were on top of the sour beer world with the only way being down.

Turns out we weren’t because Dolphin have gone and bloody done it again with Composer.

It has an unbelievable blackcurrant nose. Simply summer. Amazing. It really does smell like a hedgerow in deep summer. But in a good way of course.

Then Composer delivers its crescendo with its Blackcurrant, almost salty, sour delightful flavour. The mouthfeel is sublimely intense .

Simply amazing from Dolphin.

Two cracking sours. One amazing brewery.

Sammy’s Rating: 93%



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