BREWER: BrewDog, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

STYLE: Milkshake IPA

ABV: 6.3%

VESSEL: 44oml tin


INSTAGRAM: brewdogofficial 

DATE OF POST:  3rd April 2022


BrewDog pretty much introduced me to the new and wonderful world of Craft Beer, and for that I thank them. There was a time where I would say to people, sometimes randomly in the street, these dogs can do no wrong. Punk was a f’ing cracker. A top top beer that was fairly accessible and pretty affordable. Dead Pony Club proved to me that lower ABV beers can still pack a punch and actually be really tasty.

However, of more recent times BrewDog have lost it. Punk is still drinkable and ok but not even half the beer it used to be. DPC is no longer drinkable it’s so shite. The vast majority of BD beers nowadays are average at very best, and if I’m being honest, actually way below average.

Now what we have for review today, Tony’s Hopolonely, does not fall into the way below average bracket. It’s worse than that. It is utter bollocks.

There was early promise from this very badly packaged product, at least. The smell of sweet Raspberries came through well. However once drinking you’re wishing you hadn’t. ALL THE RASPBERRY comes at you with the flavour yet little to no chocolate. Big raspberry hits done well can be a delight. But this hasn’t been done well. It feels rushed and forced and is quite frankly, shit. However, more promise raised its head briefly as the sweet / sour from the raspberry offered a nice balance to the beer. But it’s not too long before you’re back to the gawd awful flavour. Also, the fact this is a collab with an overpriced substandard chocolate maker and the beer doesn’t even taste of chocolate makes this whole enterprise absurd.

A brewery that in my eyes has gone from being able to do no wrong to suddenly doing everything wrong. If you’re happy drinking shit beer from a company with seemingly zero morals, then crack on with BrewDog. If you’re not, then boycott them. Like I am doing as of… now.

They need us. We don’t need them.

Jymi’s Rating: 27%



Right. Where to start.

I’m not sure what this beer is actually called so we won’t give it a name. But one thing is clear is it’s a mash up between Brewdog and Tony’s Chocolonely. Two big companies (shows you how far the Scottish brewery has come (I’ll reserve posting a view about that now)).

The packaging is distinctive. But it’s also shocking. Not shockingly good, sadly, but rather shockingly bad!

The one thing that gave me hope about this beer is the nose. It’s amazing. Almost like squash on a summer’s day.

Sadly, that’s where the positives end.

There’s definitely raspberry in the drink. Its bitter after that followed by smoothness. Then back to bitterness. But through it all there’s an underlying sweetness which doesn’t feel right. Too, unbeerish. And all in all that’s where the lacklustre adventure ends.

Whilst it’s interesting and different, I don’t like it. It’s too much novelty for me. It’s more bling than brew, which is a shame.

Brewdog have the resources at their disposal to do interesting and ‘out there’ things with beers. But this, whatever it is, is too forced. It’s too much about the amalgamation not the product.

Sammy’s Rating: 37%




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