BREWER: Williams Bros. Brewing Company, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

STYLE: Pilsner

ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 44oml tin

TWITTER: @WilliamsBrewery

INSTAGRAM: williamsbrosbrewingco

DATE OF POST: 17th April 2022



Hey hey mama said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove…

El Perro Negro on one hand is a really cool name for a brew. However, on the other, if said brew is a Pilsner brewed in Scotland it comes undone a little. A dark lager or porter brewed in Spain then hey hey mama I get it!! But an amber coloured pilsner brewed in Alloa? Do me a favour.

BUT… this pilsner is brewed with Seville oranges, so ok ok ok I get the Spanish name. However the fact the word Negro is included seems ridiculous to me. Still in isolation, El Perro Negro is a cracking name for a beer so you’re getting the benefit of the doubt Williams Bros., JUST!

Now, I’m not too sure what I was expecting from this lager but once sipped quite a few things became clear…

It didn’t taste like a Pilsner.

There is hardly any taste of orange.

There wasn’t too much going on flavour wise.


It was amazingly smooth, very drinkable and actually rather enjoyable. Whether it be a roasting Sevillian summers day or a warm early afternoon in Alloa, El Perro Negro would go down well.

In conclusion this beer is sooooooooo far away from doing what is says on the tin but it is how much you enjoy drinking a brew that counts and somehow I enjoyed this one a fair bit.

Jymi’s Rating: 67%



El Perro Negro might seem to be a strange name for a beer made in Scotland. But it’s simple to explain: it’s brewed with a ‘twist’ of Seville oranges. Ergo, it has a black dogged Spanish themed name. Makes sense. Except for the black dog part. But hey-ho, it’s still a solid name.

Enough rambling. Onto the drinking.

On the nose, there’s a slight hint of oranges. I can’t tell if they’re from Seville, but we will give the benefit of the doubt. Other than that, the nose is as you might expect from a pilsner, which don’t have the best reputation for stimulating the olfactory cells.

In the drinking, EPN definitely has an upfront sweet citrus taste. It’s very pleasant and refreshing. While it might not be the most inspiring pilsner out there, or indeed the most complex beer, it’s certainly got its place. Easy to drink, refreshing, with a little point of difference- I quite like EPN.

Unlike some other pilsners, EPN would definitely stand up well in session too. Its crispness would give welcome relief as you pushed through a session. It would keep many a customer happy on many an occasion.

Undoubtedly, EPN is a good solid beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 81%



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