BREWER: Lervig, Rogaland, Norway

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @LervigBeer

INSTAGRAM: lervigbeer 

DATE OF POST: 24th April 2022



Now, who’d have thought about putting a fella in his underpants on a can of beer? Well, the team at Lervig did when they designed their can for Easy. And as it happens, I quite like him. He looks like an easy-going fella, which ties in nicely with the beer concept. It’s a little bit of a shame about the wishy-washy colour combination on the can, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the Easy fella.

I’ve given over a lot of words to the styling of the can. That’s because there’s not too much to say about the beer.

Easy is perfectly pleasant. You can tell its a dry hopped IPA. It’s hoppy and there’s a dryness to it.  It’s a little bit dusty.

That’s it.

Sammy’s Rating: 62%



This week I’m going with the angle of expressing my thoughts on the tin art and info before poppin’ n pourin’ the beer. Though it’s not always possible I do quite like the idea of doing this as outside and inside should be judged separately as well as together. Of course this brings the adage to the table of not judging a book by its cover, but whichever way you look at it, the better the packaging the more you will look forward to a beer, particularly when reviewing it.

(Though the main reason for going down this road is, for once I have a bit of time on my hands and won’t be testing Easy until this evening.)

And I’m looking forward to testing Easy because I really, really like tin art and colours. If Easy was called Sludge and was in a brown tin it is fair to say I would be looking forward to it less. It doesn’t affect how the brew tastes (maybe, that’s a discussion for another time) but the packaging is what pulls you in in the first place, it entices you, it excites you… and on the whole it stops a beer sitting on a shop shelf for too long.

Anyway, as mentioned, I adore the tin art here as well as the name and there is enough info on the vessel to let you know what you are probably going to get.

Fast forward to this evening and I’m about to crack the can… here goes.

Well, ok, what we have instantly is a classic and straightforward CRAFT nose. It’s nothing different, it’s nothing new, it’s nothing to call Sammy at 3am and go on and on about, but that doesn’t mean it’s not lovely – it’s just not a breakaway from today’s very high standard of craft brewing smells that drift up the snoz before you take that first sip.

But when you take that first sip, even though there is no real point of difference and just tastes like a classic crafty pale, it soon becomes very apparent that this brew is flippin’ lovely.

Loads and loads of flavour hits you in the sip accompanied by plenty of orange on the nose as you take the brew onboard. Easy then sits you back and makes you wonder just quite how it is only 4.5 % as it is so flavoursome. Very moreish with bitterness a plenty keeps you coming back for more and I have to say I was a little disappointed that I only had 330ml of this beer to enjoy.

Nice work indeed Lervig, just get me a bigger tin next time please.

Jymi’s Rating: 80%





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