BREWER: Sharps’s, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Belgian style ale 

ABV: 6.8%

VESSEL: 330ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @SharpsBrewery

INSTAGRAM: sharpsbrewery

DATE OF POST: 2nd October 2022



So, back in the now a distant summer of this year I took a holiday with my amazing wife and equally amazing daughters to the simply idyllic Cornwall. We were based literally in the middle of nowhere for 8 days with the west country land to explore should we wish to.

And oh we did…

From waterfall walks to raging seas we did the lot.

On one particular day, upon my request, we ventured to Padstow. An absolutely stunning Atlantic Cornwall harbour town.

Again, at my request, as I love me fud I do, we went to a particularly swank restaurant for lunch. You’re on holiday, you have to treat yourselves, right?

Now, said restaurant is owned by Rick Stein. Some, probably most of you, will be familiar with his work. But for those of you that are not he is an English TV celebrity chef.

I’ve always been a huge fan of his TV work, mainly because he is such an awkward presenter, but I find that hugely endearing. Couple that with his very uncomplicated but amazing food then… like I say, I’m a huge fan.

So long story short, the trip to The Seafood Restaurant was incredible. Scallops, whole turbot, oysters… it went off. I came out of there feeling a million dollars from what I had just experienced.

To stretch our legs and absorb more of the town after lunch we took a stroll around what seemed like a local indoor market. This is where I stumbled upon Chalky’s Bite aswell as many other Cornish beers (just wait and see what comes in the next few months!).

Now in 2006, Rick decided to brew a beer with Sharp’s Brewery… thankfully this was 5 years prior to the infamous take over by Molson Coors or I really would have lost my shit believe me!

The beer is named after Rick’s now late dog Chalky and designed to sit alongside some of the great Belgian beers. Of course, though not to cast judgement prior to drinking ,this was never going to happen. But just how close did they get?

Well, I have to say, on initial visit to the brew not that far short…

A soft yet aromatic nose leads the drinker into a powerful, intense and for want of a slightly better adjective, very Belgian tasting beer. It’s thick and flavoursome with an unctuous mouthfeel.

But what happened next totally threw me.

The more I worked my way through this brew the more it turned away from Belgium and more towards Britain. By the end of it all I was drinking was a strong ENGLISH ale.

Not at all unpleasant but very unexpected and not welcomed in the moment.

A valiant attempt and though an enjoyable drink ultimately it does miss the brief.

Jymi’s Rating: 61%



It’s a nice thing to name a beer after a dog. Very nostalgic. And Chalky’s Bite, while not a world beater, is a pleasant enough thing. 

There’s some subtle herby, coriander, flavourings to be found. But you do have to search hard. The overwhelming flavour is to be found in the sweet fruity notes that give away to the bitter orange middle which goes away with a finish of the sweetness once again back. 

The mouthfeel isn’t too thick, and the carbonation is light. A little more body would elevate CB in my opinion. But hey, what do I know? 

CB is decent homage to man’s best friend. 

Quite an interesting beer. Worth a try. 

Sammy’s Rating: 66%




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