Five years ago this very weekend we started Musing on Booze!

A beer review from each of us every week for five flippin’ years, that’s mental. 

There have been some serious highs and some serious lows but we have loved every single minute and have no intention of stopping… We hope you have enjoyed our sometimes mindless ramblings?!

Happy Birthday us!!!


Oh and tomorrow, we’re off to celebrate at some local tap yards and boozers!!! Will keep you posted, hopefully   Ö

Love you all,

Sammy & Jymi x x 


BREWER: Indigenous Brewery, Berkshire, England


ABV: 4.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @indigenousbrew

INSTAGRAM: #indigenousbrewery

DATE OF POST: 7th October 2022


I cannot resist beginning this review by saying I hope this beer is a crackerjack of a beer. It is named Crackerjack, after all. 

An honourable mention has to go to the packaging. There’s something I really like about the label. And while I can’t put into words (quite the failing for a review that relies entirely on words) there’s a certain aura around it. 

Enough rambling. Time for some drinking. 

Crackerjack develops almost the perfect head on pour. It’s a little pleasure to hear the almost inaudible popping of the bubbles on the froth that hints at the good carbonation that lies within. And the nose is hoppy and earthy, just as you might hope. The aroma might not be setting the world on fire, but it is reassuring, nonetheless. 

Now, Crackerjack is by no means complex on the palate. You couldn’t stretch to that description and if you did, you’d be telling a porky pie. But what it gives you is a nice bitterness with some hints of hops, which are not overpowering, and some subtle burnt caramel notes. And when this is all combined you get a very refreshing, quite light beer that is easily drinkable. 

Is it a crackerjack of a beer in the grand scheme of things? Possibly not. But what it is, is a crackerjack of freshness and palatability. It’s a very decent drop indeed. One that I’ll be reaching for again. 

Sammy’s Rating: 77%



To call a beer Crackerjack you either have to have champion conker cojones or a lot of faith in the brew you have brewed.

To put the definition of Crackerjack on the side of the bottle you either have to have King Kong champion conker cojones or really do have a helluva lot of faith in the brew you have brewed.

Crackerjack – A person or thing of recognised excellence. “That’s a Crackerjack” 

Either way, Crackerjack is a Crackerjack! What a bangin’ IPA (though at 4.2% can it really be called an IPA?).

A massive hop bite greets the drinker at first, as any good IPA should. However, our Crackerjack then immediately does something to calm our drinker. It totally mellows out in taste and mouthfeel allowing room and time for contemplation and conclusion that this is a reet good beer. The aftertaste then moves to a very faint but lovely toffee/caramel.

It’s massively sessionable too.

Flippin good brew!

Now it’s time to go and iron my dungarees ready for tomorrow’s festivities.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%



MOB review next weekend: AN GOF by LIZARD ALES

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