BREWER: Lizard Ales, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Strong Cornish Ale

ABV: 5.2%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle


INSTAGRAM: #lizardales

DATE OF POST: 16th October 2022



An Gof has a nice story behind the name. Well worth reading and may even make you want to delve into certain periods of history a little more. Good job on that front. 

Anyway, AG is a strong ale that originates from Cornwall. At 5.2% abv, some might argue that it’s not even touching the strong ale continuum. But hey, let’s not split hairs. 

The most striking thing for me is that AG actually tastes stronger than the aforementioned abv might make you think. If I were having this in a blind test, I would state the alcohol by volume somewhere around 7-8%. And if your beer tastes that strong, you want it to be that strong. 

Other than the strong alcohol taste, there’s not too much going on with AG. Sure, there’s some sweetness that swirls around here and there on some occasions but there’s not enough to really elevate this brew. 

Not unpleasant but a little bit of a miss for me. 

Sammy’s Rating: 45%



Deep rich nose…

Deep rich taste…

Couldn’t have many!!!

These were the main notes at the beginning of testing this brew.

However, after a few sips it became apparent that everything I stated was true but kinda disappeared into a bit of a nothing finish. This can sometimes be a good thing for a session beer as long as the aftertaste isn’t bad but for a Strong Cornish Ale? (It needs a larger ABV too for such words).

I was left a little disappointed. However as I worked my way through I started to actually really appreciate the initial intensity of flavour in the sip.

This could quite easily have gone the other way but I am gonna give this brew the benefit of the doubt. The early sip is so lovely I can’t look beyond it, but all in all it should be stronger, and the richness should carry on further into the drinking.

Good, could be so much better.

Jymi’s Rating: 74%



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