BREWER: Driftwood Spars, Cornwall, England

STYLE: Saison

ABV: 4.4%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @DriftyBrewery

INSTAGRAM: driftwoodsparsbrewery

DATE OF POST: 25th October 2022





What the F is a Seaberry?, other than a Cornish Saison brewed by our friends over at Driftwood Spars.

Now our tin does tell us the meaning, however, and I’m truly sorry for this, I’m gonna have to get off of my chest what I thought the potential definition was because I’ll be honest, it’s been playing on my mind all flippin week!

So obviously I grabbed this brew during the summer on my trip to Cornwall. Though we didn’t hit the beach that much on said trip when we did, what with it being tourist season, there were lots of families there with very young children and… oh you know where I’m going here, let’s just leave it. I SAID LEAVE IT!!!

As mentioned, our tin luckily gives us the definition that steers us away from the unfortunate loose nappy incidents that are the plight of the west country… I SAID LEAVE IT!!!

Seaberry is a colloquial term for Sea Buckthorn that grows in abundance all along the Cornish coast. Pretty cool name for a beer actually.

And as for the beer itself, it’s pretty different, but it’s also pretty decent!

Seaberry on the nose is one of boiled broccoli and cauliflower… I SAID LEAVE IT FFS!!!

I need to get a grip here, haha…

The nose isn’t strong at all but IS zesty and piercing and absolutely piqued my interest. There is a gentle spice early in the sip but the flavour cannons come in pretty quickly and are delightful I have to say. But it’s a short stay and I was left craving that flavour to stay around for just a little longer.

All in all though a very refreshing and tasty brew that you could defo get stuck into.

Oh, and the tin art!!! ♥♥♥

Jymi’s Rating: 81%



Well, Seaberry smells like a Saison. All things considered, this is a good thing because it is a Saison. And the citrus nose is balanced with a sweetness that will perhaps take you back to your childhood visit to the sweet section in Woolworths. 

On the palate, Seaberry dances around. There’s some watercress pepper mixed with light sour all enveloped in a citrus background with wheat notes poking away here and there. And this is backed by a lovely mouthfeel that is light and punchy.  You might have guessed it, I like it. I like it a lot. 

Coming across a beer that makes you stand up and take note is no mean feat given the number of beers out there. For me, Seaberry does that on many fronts. Not too sour. Not too much of anything in fact. It’s well balanced and fairly complex. 

But one of the most striking things about Seaberry must be that you could drink this beer anytime anywhere and you’d likely not be let down. Versatile and tasty. 

Fantastic job. 

Sammy’s Rating: 88%



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