BREWER: Timmermans, Flemish Brabant, Belgium

STYLE: Kriek

ABV: 4%

VESSEL: 25cl brown bottle

TWITTER: #Timmermans

INSTAGRAM: timmermans_beers 

DATE OF POST: 14th November 2022




James was a well brought up little chap. Please and thank you with a smile was the norm. Respect your elders, dress smart, be polite and be kind was also up there in the way to go about your day.

On a weekend away one summer wee James went to stay at his Grandparents on the south-coast of England. This was always a special time as the lad got treated like a Prince. Breakfast made to order, choice of any yogurt he wanted from the supermarket, tickets to the shows on the pier on tap… you name it, the kid wanted for nothing.

However, on the Saturday morning of said trip things went a little off-piste. James and his Granny and Granddad took a trip to a cafe overlooking the English Channel. Situated on the first floor with panoramic views this really was a Michelin star greasy spoon. However, the staff, one in particular, let the whole experience down for the trio.

James’ Granddad, one of the nicest and funniest people you would ever meet didn’t have the best hearing and did get a little distracted from time to time (oh a wandering mind eh!). Now, when it was time for him to place his order he didn’t hear the waitress straight away and, well let’s just say her eyes rolled and head shook.

Now, polite young James suddenly felt a side of him flair up that he didn’t know existed. I mean he was only about 8 but in his head it went a little something like, “if you fuck with my beautiful Granddad then you fuck with me”.

Let’s just say the end of the trip to the cafe didn’t go amazingly but I was promised a cake on Sunday evening if I got myself back in line. I did. The cake was a Cherry Bakewell. Turns out I didn’t like a Cherry Bakewell.

I’ve no idea what the moral of the story is here but AM FULLY AWARE that went from THE TALE OF THE BOY AND THE CHERRY BAKEWELL to some sort of get it off your chest after 30 odd years self-therapy session!! Ö

And breathe…

Wow, this Timmermans Kriek smells EXACTLY like a Cherry Bakewell on the nose! And unsurprisingly I wasn’t a fan… HOWEVER, you could instantly tell this was a well made brew regardless of my personal taste. But in the drinking it became even more obvious. This is a very good beer indeed!

Coming in at only 4% it is amazing just how much flavour this brew carries. ALL THE CHERRY then moving to the most wonderful soft and almost creamy (in texture) aftertaste.

This beer is soooooo drinkable and I have to say the wee 250ml bottle only lasted a few visits. But in saying that I’m not sure I could settle into too many of these, though again I think that is more a personal thing.

Go find a bottle. It will be well, well worth it I assure you.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%



From the oldest lambic brewery in the world, that’s right, the oldest, this week we are testing Kriek Lambicus. 

Imagine cherry pie cooking in the oven. Those sweet fragrances wafting through your kitchen. A sweet aroma, right? Well, if you can conjure up such a mental nasal experience, then you won’t be too far off the nose on this bad boy.  And, unsurprisingly, the colour is, well, deep purple (no reference to the band of the same name). 

Happy days – the drinking, a cherry sensation. So well balanced, KL is a delight to drink. It has a huge point of difference with its cherry flavour, which is not too sweet, but is there front and centre stage. I can’t use words enough to get across how wonderful this brew is. 

Timmermams can wear that oldest lambic brewery badge with pride when they’re producing hits like this. If it were a song, it would likely spend many a week at the top of the charts. And that’s not just because of its overall brew; it’s down to how many folk this beer would likely appeal to. From the avid beer drinker to the novice looking for something slightly different, KL would tick the boxes. 

A wonder of a beer.

Sammy’s Rating: 92%



MOB review next weekend: SKIN DEEP by ANARCHY BREW CO.

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