BREWER: Biere des Amis, Liège, Belgium

STYLE: Belge Blonde

ABV: 5.8%

VESSEL: 33cl brown bottle

TWITTER: #bieredesamis

INSTAGRAM: #bieredesamis

DATE OF POST: 15th January 2023



It’s the packaging that’s leading the way once again this week!

I absolutely love what BDA have done here. So simple but sooooooo effective! The bottle itself is nothing special or different and the only other thing involved is a font I suppose. But what a font it is and the general lay out of the words and sizing is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a massive hats off to this Belgian bunch.

However the beer itself, though actually fairly enjoyable, doesn’t fall in line with it’s incredible housing.

First up this brew is very dry, I’ve not got an issue with this at all and actually because of the dryness I found this beer strangely alluring leaving me with a want to get back after every sip. However ultimately there isn’t too much going on here. BDA is crisp, zesty and quite floral upfront with an almost subtle banana taste going on in the midsip. What took me slightly aback was the foam up in the mouth. Not unpleasant, a bit weird, but almost helped what ever flavour there was kicking around.

Certainly worth a go this beer but don’t expect to get too excited about it.

Jymi’s Rating: 58%


Biere Des Amis is a blonde Belgian. Beer that is. Not a human. And blondes (again, beers) can be a little punchy in the wheat flavour department. For me, I’m not particularly a big fan of that. However, BDA has a hint of that wheat flavour and I think it really works. It’s not complicated or indeed clever, but it is refreshing.

If you’re looking for a Belgian with a standout complex flavour profile, then BDA definitely won’t tick many boxes. In fact, it’s quite likely that you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re looking for any beer that’s got a hint of wheatiness and is very refreshing, then this may just be the beer for you. 

It’s strange because I do like BDA. And that may make the scoring of this beer a little harsh. You must bear in mind that it’s not very complicated. It’s playing a straight bat. And for that reason, it’s not going to pick up huge points. 

All that having been said, I’d happily have another one of these. 

Sammy’s Rating: 61%



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