BREWER: By the Horns, Surrey, England

STYLE: Imperial Stout

ABV: 8.8%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @ByTheHornsBrew

INSTAGRAM: bythehornsbrew

DATE OF POST: 22nd January 2023



Appetite is a cracking beer. It’s an absolute belter. 

We could split hairs and waste time discussing the packaging and the name (which is all linked to Guns N Roses (the band)), but the reality is, it’s the brew that deserves the limelight here. 

We are promised coffee and coconut with Appetite, which is a stout. And we are delivered both of them in abundance, in a top-notch brew of a beer. 

Straight from the aroma, through to the last sip, Appetite delivers. It hits every high note and keeps getting better the more you drink. 

Its complexity is managed well in the brew. Impressive. It is impressive. 

While this is one for a special occasion and definitely not a session brew, the mouthfeel is luxurious and delight to behold. It’s like your mouth is taken on a silky journey (whatever one of them may be). 

Awesome beer. 

Sammy’s Rating: 86%



There is literally only one negative thing to say about this beer and it’s not even about the beer itself AND it’s regarding my unnecessarily critical arty eye AND I even say it’s a non point! Fook, let’s get to it…

Look, there is all the positive to come but I just need to get this off of my chest…

The font used for the name doesn’t sit particularly well with the rest of the frankly ridiculously good tin art. There, that’s it. And the font used is ripped straight from the Guns n’ Roses 1987 debut (YES, F’ING DEBUT) album Appetite For Destruction. Now considering this beer is inspired by this album, it makes the font totally appropriate and my earlier points mute… WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE BABY, WELCOME TO THE FUCKING JUNGLE!

This is a flippin’ fantastic drop people let me tell you!

When you think Imperial Stout you think, full on, I’m gonna need / take time to sip this down. Reason for this is an Impy stout is strong, should be stacked with flavour and full bodied.

Now, Appetite is defo strong, defo STACKED with flavour BUT isn’t full bodied. This is not to say it’s thin, because it is far from that, but it has a viscosity that say’s drink me quicker than my ABV suggests. Which is f’ing dangerous and dare I say even makes this brew kinda sessionable?! (FYI, I tried, it’s not).

Appetite is not just an Imperial Stout, it’s a Coffee & Coconut Imperial Stout! Now, the last time coconut got involved with a beer for a MOB test was way back in 2018 with Coco Cocoa by the normally very reliable Thornbridge. I seem to remember my conclusion was that is tasted like sun lotion, which let’s be honest, is not a positive thing. However By the Horns have managed to deliver a very subtle amount of coconut in the flavour and let me tell you it’s just the ticket! The coffee flavour as well, though certainly prominent, is not at all over powering. All backed up by a chocolate backdrop making Appetite a formidable brew let me tell you.

Go get your hands on some.

Jymi’s Rating: 91%



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