BREWER: Schöfferhofer, Hesse, Germany

STYLE: Wheat Beer & Fruit Juice

ABV: 2.5%

VESSEL: 0.5L tin

TWITTER: #schofferhofer

INSTAGRAM: schofferhofer

DATE OF POST: 14th May 2023



Sometimes you have to wonder if the beer you’re drinking is actually a beer at all. Normally this is because the description of the brew is something like quadruple mango pulp juice bomb infused with an aged raspberry and port reduction coming in at 9.7% ABV. Actually sounds quite nice!

However, it’s not the wildness of the beer that makes one question it, it’s the fact it’s half wheat beer and half grapefruit juice! And only 2.5% ABV.

But even though the percentage is low, it is way big enough to qualify officially as a beer so judge as one we have to.

Mind slightly scrambled I embarked on the grapefruit journey…

Do you know what, it’s flippin’ tasty!!! And crazy refreshing!!! Reminds me of chugging grapefruit juice as a wee boy on holiday after discovering the wonders of the grapefruit.

Look, this is nowhere near being an amazing beer that you MUST go find and try. But it is different and very drinkable and honestly worth a go, as long as you’re ok with grapefruit of course.

Jymi’s Rating: 62%



When you think of this beer, think of bucks fizz. To be clear, I don’t mean the Eurovision Song Contest winning band. I mean the drink. It’s a drink you might have at a brunch. And so it is with Schofferhofer Grapefruit. It ticks exactly the same boxes. 

I’m not going to wax lyrical about how great of a beer this is. Because it’s not. But it is very pleasant indeed. And it’s different. 

From the outset, it’s full of grapefruit. As you would hope!  Schofferhofer Grapefruit is unique and that’s what I like about. While it’s definitely not one for the purist, no doubt it’ll put a smile on your face. If you like grapefruit that is. 

It might be difficult to score as a beer. But as a drink, I most certainly do like it. And it’s got its place at the posh breakfast table. 

Would I go for it again? I’m having one with me scrambled eggs tomorrow. 

Sammy’s Rating: 74%



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