BREWER: Tiny Rebel, Gwent, Wales

STYLE: New England IPA

ABV: 6.2%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @tinyrebelbrewco

INSTAGRAM: tinyrebelbrewco

DATE OF POST: 22nd May 2023



505 is a decent drop, there’s no arguing it. 

It’s quite soft in the mouth. It offers all the notes you might hope for from a hazy IPA: tropical and little pops of coconut. It’s even got a decent whiff about it. 

However, it’s doesn’t reach heady heights. 505 is a bit of a steady Eddie. And that’s not something to be sniffed at. We need solid plodders. We need them to allow other beers to be elevated to greater heights. 

The truth is, there are many out there who would love 505. I get it. I can see why they would. It’s a craft beer that the masses can enjoy.  It definitely doesn’t slip into the beer abyss. 

Another point of note about 505 – you could enjoy it without having to think about it. It just does its thing and you don’t need to delve too deeply into why it’s doing it. 

I’d happily have it again. And I’d enjoy it. 505 just isn’t on my excellence list; it never will be. 

Sammy’s Rating: 70%



505, a beer named after the forever under-rated closing track of Arctic Monkeys second studio album, Favourite Worst Nightmare.

 # I’M GOING BACK TO 505 #

…and do you know what, I will be you know.

And the reason why is this. 505 is not a world beating NEIPA by any chalk. But it is very tasty, crazy drinkable and readily available at a very reasonable price at my local supermarket.

I think with a touch more body this brew from South Wales could be elevated towards greatness as most other boxes are ticked. There is a lovely mango, passionfruit and orange nose to 505. The mouthfeel in the sip is also fantastic. There is also the perfect NEIPA balance of sweetness moving to subtle bitterness. But it’s just near the back end of the whole experience where the slight lack of body stops our beer striking gold.

But as mentioned, this is well worth a go, especially for the price.

Jymi’s Rating: 76%



MOB review next weekend: THE ORIGINAL by INNIS & GUNN

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