So here we are.. One year on from reviewing Landlord ,it’s our FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

Now the intention was to bring a gift to you for the great celebration (unconventional we know). That gift was to be an all singing, all dancing swanky new website. BUT…… its not ready yet!! :-()

But fear not, it is coming on and as soon as it’s ready you will be the first to know…

But for this week all we have now is an understated 9.3% Mango IPA from Denmark named quite simply….



BREWER: To Øl, Copenhagen

STYLE: Imperial Mango IPA

ABV: 9.3%

VESSEL: 50cl tin

TWITTER: @toolbeer 



Dangerously Close To Stupid Amount Of Mango really is some name for a beer! My first thoughts were., that’s very descriptive and very different….My second thoughts were, that’s totally rubbish and trying way too hard to be different.

Trouble is this off the wall Danish brewer got the name wrong. It’s not dangerously close to stupid amount of mango. It is a stupid amount of mango! And that would indeed be a more accurate name.

Now we come to the packaging… I’m all for breaking the mould and something a wee bit different but I’m sorry, this stinks of trying just that wee bit too hard to be different once again. There have been some marks awarded in this department for sure as I quite like the piece but don’t think it sit’s brilliantly on a tin of beer if I’m honest. Though it certainly makes it intriguing as you have to go searching the tin to find out what on earth is going on.

As I’ve already alluded to, this beer has too much mango going through it. It is way too sweet for my liking and I have to say from first sip to last (though it did improve a little as it went along) I was not at all a fan.

However one thing very positive did stick out, DCTSAOM is super, super smooth and slips down very well which suggests it has been brewed with a lot of care and attention to a very high standard. It is just not for me.

As smooth as the Fonz and as sweet as Richie Cunningham but just not Happy Days for Jymi.

Jymi’s Rating: 45%



To Øl brewery (a micro brewery from Denmark) have a range of Dangerously Close to ales.  All come tinned up with artistic designs on the can and I happen to be really drawn to them.  They are class and unique: first box ticked.  It is hard to search out the name, but that gets you looking at the can closely and I like that interplay with the product. This particular one is an imperial India pale ale mixing it up with mangoes.  

The nose is as you might expect from the name – tropical fruitiness with bags of…mango. It has to be said that the colour of the beer is incredible.  It’s a tempting light golden, which promises of greatness…big expectations…

The taste has a light sweetness that is incredibly refreshing.  There’s so much going on when you drink this.  The sweetness gives way to a short bitter after taste.  All of this leads to a cracking beer.  It’s exciting, different and challenging.  To Øl have demonstrated their brewing credentials with Dangerously close to Stupid Amount of Mango.  

I have no doubt that there will be those of you out there that find this too sweet. But make no mistake…this is a good beer. 

Sammy’s Rating: 73%





MOB review next weekend: FRIDAY IPA by AND UNION 


Here’s to many more years of beers and reviews!



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