Well, almost one year…

So, on Friday we will be reviewing our 52nd beer and after posting one review every weekend a young bright spark in the MOB back office spotted that that would make it our First Birthday. 

So we thought we would publish a Top 10 so far for you to see what is currently at the top of the tree, in our opinion at least. Go find them. Go drink them. They are all incredible.. 



One – YU LU by Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire – 93%

Two – NECK OIL by Beavertown Brewery, North London90%

Three – PURITAN by Two Cocks Brewery, Berkshire – 88%

Four – PUNK IPA by BrewDog, Aberdeenshire – 87%

Five – DEAD PONY CLUB by BrewDog, Aberdeenshire – 86.5%

Six – PRIDE & JOY by Vocation Brewery, West Yorkshire – 85.5%

= Seven – LEVELLER by Two Cocks Brewery, Berkshire – 84.5%

= Seven – GOOSE IPA by Goose Island Beer Company, Illinois – 84.5%

= Seven – WHITE TIPS by Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire – 84.5%

Ten – CAMDEN PALE ALE by Camden Town Brewery, North London -84%


See you back here in a year to see what other superstars have come our way!  

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