Yes, we’re posting about a Beer named FRIDAY IPA, on a Saturday. Whatever next. The main and frankly only reason for this is simply that one of us two didn’t hand their homework in on time. Who that was however, you will never know… 

(It was Sam)




BREWER: And Union, Bavaria 


ABV: 6.5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @andUnion 



It’s not often, well ever in fact, that I want for a busy, full on and arduous day at work. It’s not that I mind getting my head down and putting in the graft, I actually I have a very good work ethic, but to say I wake up of a morning and WANT an absolute full on taxing day would be wrong.
But today was different.
The reason being today was the day I was testing the incredibly named Friday IPA. Whether a wine, beer or spirit guzzler there is nothing quite like getting home from work on a Friday evening and grabbing a drink to unwind and relax with, especially if you have had a particularly hard week.
So with a tricky week already behind me I really wanted to earn this Friday beverage like never before with a tough ol’ day of graft… And I got one! HURRAY!!!
Now during this difficult day at work, other than the job obviously, I had a few things on my mind..

How much I was looking forward to cracking FRIDAY IPA open later on.
How much I loved the simplicity and fine detail on the tin that was currently housing my ale.
And also I was wondering what percentage it would be packing. With such a name proceeding it I really hoped that it wouldn’t be below 4.5% for some reason?! I honestly think it was only because of the name that I didn’t want it to be too week as it doesn’t normally bother me as long as it tastes good.

So I returned home and approached the fridge. I came to the door, and I looked inside. I grabbed that great little red tin and …. Hallelujah…. 6.5%, BAM!!

Friday poured fairly dark amber and gave off a nose of obvious citrus, which was pleasant but nothing new nor special. Two things then struck me upon swig. Just how wonderfully creamy the head was and also how smooth FIPA was. Which is actually really pleasant because the citrus, malt and hoppy smacks really get those saliva ducts going but then it slips down the throat with an almost butter like texture. Friday tastes strong. I know I was asking for a high percentage but that was for the instant relax. However upon the taste you really can tell this is 6.5% which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Friday IPA, I like it. It’s different without being weird. Though I have to say although I got my instant Friday relax fix, it didn’t blow my socks off.

Jymi’s Rating: 72%



A strange concept of a beer, this one is.  An IPA from Bavaria, Germany…have you ever heard of such a thing?  Well, you have now because that’s exactly what Friday IPA is.  

Friday IPA…hmm…the jury is out on the name.  Not sure if I love it or if I hate it.  One good thing about it – it’s got me thinking.

The packaging, however, I really do like.  The red can, with 3D effect and a white top, works very well for me.  It’s unique and sets it aside from the rest of the market.  

So even before drinking, there’s a lot to talk about with Friday IPA.  But we all know its about amber lining the throat that’s the important thing.

On the nose, it’s exactly as you’d expect for a craft IPA.  There’s the unmistakable hoppy punch, which plays the main role here.  In support, we have the usual tropical and citrus cast.  All in all, well balanced and very pleasant. 

As much of a strange mix it may be (Bavarian IPA), it is a cracking beer.  There’s an unbelievable balance of bitter and sweetness on the palate, with hops and citrus notes working in perfect harmony. Neither one over balances the other and the length of the taste is fantastic.  

Friday IPA is a corker.  It has firmly staked its mark in the ground as being a stand out, special beer that is well balanced on all fronts.  I’ll be reaching for it again.

Sammy’s Rating: 81%








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