BREWER: Swannay Brewery, Orkney

STYLE: Stout

ABV: 5%

VESSEL: 330ml tin

TWITTER: @SwannayBrewery

INSTAGRAM: swannaybrewery



Surely everyone loves some bright colours? And if you don’t, then go and have a quiet word with yourself and try to understand why you should like them. It’s plain to see the team at Swannay Brewery like them – and rightly so. They’ve made them stand out on Voe and it really works.
But then you open the can and pour it out and you are faced with a stout. Which begs the question, do bright colours belong on a stout can?
To begin with, I find it slightly misleading…
But then I get into the drinking and realise that it does work. These bright colours do belong with this stout.
Voe has bags of flavour. It’s on the sweeter side for a stout and that makes it different. It’s slightly nutty and has a light burnt coffee taste. Overall, it gives a light warming feeling.
Usually, stout is an autumnal/wintery beverage for me. Voe, though, could work anytime of the year. And that means its bright colours are well-earned. Good job Swannay Brewery – you’ve brought some colour to stout!


Sammy’s Rating: 78%



Stout, in a bright multicoloured tin, really?

Well yeah, really, it’s happening in front of your very eyes so you better believe it.

I love it!!

But not all will. I guarantee if our pal Ralph the landlord was gifted a tray of these to trial on his local customers he would in fact chuck the whole tray in the canal (followed by some cash in sealed weighted bags that he was trying to hide from the tax man and retrieve at a later date).

This packaging really won’t be for the traditionalists and many will say it’s just the craft beer lot being zany but for me it’s good to see the breaking of a mould. It’s so different that you could understand folk idling by thinking that this wasn’t a stout at all. It’s only when you read the small words printed on the label, Smooth Oat Stout, that you realise what you’re in for.

And what you’re in for is very good indeed!

Voe brings you a very smooth, very light and very tasty drinking experience. This is yet another surprise to be fair as the nose is of deep cherry chocolate. The initial taste could probably be described as thin but this is fine because it is followed by a creamy delight and then a faint smoky aftertaste.

This is a lovely beer, yes it’s lacking a flavour explosion but that is almost it’s genius.

Jymi’s Rating: 83%




MOB review next weekend: GYLE 59 IPA by GYLE 59





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