NO. 3

BREWER: Tetley’s, West Yorkshire, England 

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.2 %

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @TetleysBeer 

INSTAGRAM: tetleysbeer

DATE OF POST: 8th July 2020



If you’re searching for a review of teabags, look elsewhere.  This Tetley deals with beer, not the round teabags!

I love the retro packaging on No 3.  It’s old school but not old style.  It’s purposefully suitable for the market of this beer.  And it’s great to see that the creatives at Tetley really have given some thought to this.  

On the nose No 3 is lemony and hoppy, which is a good start for this beer.  Then, in the mouth you get quite a thin tasting beer that feels ok but doesn’t pack too much in the taste department.

If you’re looking for a cracking pale ale full of hoppiness, then No 3 will be a disappointment.  But then, that’s not what this is intended for.  This is brewed for the old market.  It might have new clothes, but its personality and spirit have not changed.  

No 3 is meant to line the fridges of those set on an old brew, which offers little excitement.  

Some folk like it this way.  Me, I like something a little more exciting.

Sammy’s Rating: 52%



It has to be said, the look of this bottle… is sensational, utterly sensational!! It is so simple and retro beyond belief! It doesn’t necessarily lure the drinker in but it does look out of this world in my opinion.

However the beer is only so so I’m afraid.

The whole tasting experience begins with a classic and very nice hoppy nose with a touch of lemon cutting around in the background. The taste in the sip is then pleasant enough and flows on well from the nose but the body totally lets all of this down. It really needs to be fuller to help these flavours along. The very thin body just seems to dilute the positives that Number 3 has got going on. A good bitter finish in the aftertaste leaves the drinker thinking what could have been.

A perfectly acceptable brew but lacking where it really counts.

Jymi’s Rating: 54%




MOB review next weekend: BLOODY ‘ELL by BEAVERTOWN





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