BREWER: West Berkshire Brewery, Berkshire, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 3.8%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @westberksbrew

INSTAGRAM: westberksbrew

DATE OF POST: 28th August 2022



So, Randle, the head of the Muse on Booze beer selection department (MOBBSD) calls me up midweek saying that its’s an English Pale Ale that Sammy and I are testing this week. An ale that celebrates the glory of the English summertime he continues.

Intrigue begins to grow, sure the ale will probably / hopefully be light, crisp and refreshing but what will the packaging be like? What will it be called?

The next morning, as if by some sort of beer magic, Land of Hop and Glory was sitting in the beer fridge at MOB towers… He’s a clever boy is that Randle (and he’s got a key).


Let’s start with the name,

Though I find the pun mildly irritating, it is a good name for a beer and especially one that again, is supposed to celebrate England in the summertime.

Next, that packaging,

Well, I know Britain generally has a bad reputation for shite summer weather, ‘good ol British summer’ n all that. But, a purple label? Really? They’re brewing a beer to celebrate the glory of the English summertime and sticking a purple label on it?!

This is a fairly massive f up from the West Berkshire Brewery design team for me.

And the beer,

Well, the initial flavour is good. One of apricot and summer fruits (the orange ones, not strawberries and the like). The body and flavour then thin out fairly rapidly which I suppose with it’s ABV is to be expected, though it’s not always the case nowadays with advances in craft brewing. Luckily though a light hoppy aftertaste eventually turns up which is a pleasant surprise.

This beer isn’t out of this world by any means but would serve you very well as a session beer on a hot summer’s day. It’s tasty enough don’t get me wrong but it’s strength lies in the drinkability.

Not bad.

Jymi’s Rating: 60%



Right, the name definitely deserves a mention. Land of Hop and Glory is a good play on words for a beer name. However, I have to say there’s something about it that I don’t love. I don’t know what it is, it just doesn’t float my boat. 

The second thing of note about LoHaG is that, despite the name, there’s a distinct lack of hoppiness for a pale ale. It’s promised in the name, and it should be there in the brew. But the hops are, although not completely, absent in the drinking. 

All that being said, LoHaG is a decent enough beer. It’s refreshing and easy to slip down. In the right situation, I would be more than happy with one of these in hand. And to be fair, the longer you drink it the more citrus notes you pick. 

By no means a complex beer and not delivering on its name, LoHaG is still a decent enough brew. 

Sammy’s Rating: 62%



MOB review next weekend: STRAFFE HENDRIK by HALVE MAAN

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