BREWER: Halve Maan, West Flanders, Belgium

STYLE: Tripel

ABV: 9%

VESSEL: 33CL brown bottle

TWITTER: @De_Halve_Maan

INSTAGRAM: brouwerijdehalvemaan

DATE OF POST: 4th September 2022



Some of you less beery weary eyed readers may realise that on the 7th October Muse on Booze will be 5!!!

261 weeks!!! 261 beers!!! Probably 261 slightly shaky reviews!!!

It will be 5 years doing this. That’s crazy. We still flippin’ love it. We have learned so much along the way and long, long, long may it continue!

I’ve had a few mates ask… Are you not going to run out of beers to test? I say to them with a Brian Blessed laugh bookending the retort… We have not even scratched the surface my friends.

The reason I mention this is that the brewery we’re dealing with today are based in Bruges and Sammy & I were supposed to be travelling there to celebrate the MOB milestone. However, due to suboptimal financial situations due to everything now costing 400 million times more than it did a few months ago we have had to postpone. We still have something pretty cool lined up (stay tuned) but Belgium for now, is going to have to wait.

But when we do eventually land there, if the beers are as good as Straffe Hendrik (which of course they will be and almost certainly even better) we are going to be in for a real, real treat! I cannot WAIT!

Halve Maan Brewery have nailed this. What a lovely beer we have here.

Apricot, orange, coriander and a general herbal thang lead the charge of this full of flavour cracker. A huge zesty aftertaste then lingers at the back of the palate making this brew very enjoyable indeed.

Not crazy. Not too complex. But very good.

Jymi’s Rating: 82%



We got ourselves a Belgian here. Straffe Hendrik Tripel to be precise. 

Whether it be the burnt caramel come clove nose, or the orange upfront flavouring followed by the hoppy taste, or even the creamy mouthfeel, SH is a very refreshingly pleasant beer indeed. Truth be told, it’s likely the combination of all of the above makes this a winner. 

It’s not the most complex tripel out there. But what makes SH a good entry beer into this world is that it’s easy to drink, very well balanced and not too inaccessible for the inexperienced beer drinkers amongst us. 

I can’t recommend this highly enough. If you’re daunted by big Belgian beers, give this a go. I’m willing to bet that this will bring many a smile to the mouths that it passes. 

Sammy’s Rating: 85%




Sammy & Jymi – Musing on Booze weekly since 2017

Twitter: @museonbooze

Instagram: muse.on.booze


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