BREWER: Pentrich Brewing Co., Derbyshire, England

STYLE: American Amber Ale

ABV: 5.5%

VESSEL: 440ml tin

TWITTER: @PentrichBrewing

INSTAGRAM: pentrichbrewing

DATE OF POST: 11th September 2022 



Something glittering like gold conjures up images of opulence and luxury. It should be something to behold and admire. And so, perhaps naming a beer in such a way is pinning your flag to the mast. You have to have belief in it to do so. 

Glitters Like Gold is not best described as opulent. But it’s a good beer. While it’s well balanced and very pleasant to drink, it cannot be described as complex. It’s a straight up and down drinking experience with its best feature being that it’s crisp and refreshing. The hops, which can be overpowering in the wrong hands, are tamed in the brew. 

I’d like to see a little more punch from GLG. A little lingering aftertaste would be welcomed. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is not a worthy beer to hold in your hand, because it is. 

Overall, GLG is a good drop just not quite hitting the heights of being out of the ordinary.  A bold name for a beer, perhaps, not quite so bold in the final delivery…

Sammy’s Rating: 62%



Two negatives.

Two positives.

Let’s call it a draw.

Going to start with the negatives, purely because it’s better to end with the positives.

Am I missing something here? I mean, there is a fair chance I am let’s be honest… But an Amber Ale being given the name Glitters Like Gold? That’s like calling a Golden Ale Glitters Like Amber no?

Hang on. As I write this it’s dawned on me. LIKE Gold, Glitters LIKE Gold. But, it doesn’t, it glitters like amber, which doesn’t really glitter at all. Oh fuck this, I’m moving on. It’s a daft name.

Packaging wise I’m not a fan of this tin art. Or the Pentrich branding at all if I’m honest. I like the simplicity and obvious attempt to be different by being normal. But it looks terrible. Brewery name looks cool but the font used for our beer name here just looks, dunno if cheap is the correct word but either way, not good. And that tile that sits underneath the beer style and hops used just finishes off an altogether shaky looking can.


This beer is pretty bangin! Awesome levels of caramel and bitter hops. There is also a great nose during the drinking. A sweet aroma hovers as you swig this amber which works brilliantly in tandem with the bitter / sweet taste. The subtle caramel aftertaste is INCREDIBLE and actually makes this beer.

And even though this brew is weighing in at a fairly weighty 5.5% it is very, very drinkable and moreish due to that caramel aftertaste.

Just go steady kids, we don’t want you rolling into the canal again.

Jymi’s Rating: 75%


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