BREWER: Fuller’s, West London, England


ABV: 5.3%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @Fullers

INSTAGRAM: fullers

DATE POSTED: 20th October 2017



I once knew a chap called Phil*. Now, my first impression of Phil was not a good one. I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but there was something about him that didn’t sit well with me. I think it was his dress sense. However, once we got chatting it soon materialised that he was a really good guy, dry sense of humour, but a really good guy….

Which brings me seamlessly to the Bengal Lancer.. The MIGHTY BENGAL LANCER!! Now, much like Phil, the packaging is hideous and not appealing whatsoever. I think it’s the purple, though it’s my favourite colour, it’s just not working here. But, once you delve deeper things start to improve considerably!

This is an exceptional ale. I truly adore it. There is just something about it that puts it above your everyday ‘classics’. It comes across quite dry, which is what I like about it, and I’m sure I picked up some hints of coriander along the way.

Awful looking but let us not forget that it’s what’s inside that really counts, and what’s inside is fantastic.

Phil, should you ever read this, I am not implying that YOU have hints of coriander.

*Phil is not Phil’s real name, and there is a small chance he doesn’t actually exist.

Jymi’s Rating: 74%



With big breweries come big beer ranges. And while that means there’s a wide range of selection for the consumer, it also means that each beer runs the risk of being easily lost amongst the crowd.

Bengal Lancer is strong in all areas but stands out in none. It has a good nose and is easy to drink one after the other and it doesn’t lose its appeal. The taste is deep, while not commanding any domain of its own in the beer world, and will leave a wide range of different beer drinkers feeling fully satisfied. And therein lies, perhaps, the biggest strength of Bengal Lancer: it will appeal to a wide range of ale drinkers, from the seasoned pro to the newby. But it’s probably fair to say that, save for a small handful, it won’t be topping the favourites list.

So does Bengal Lancer fall off the metaphorical beer cliff without leaving a distinctive mark of its own? It most certainly doesn’t, it stands tall amongst the huge Fuller’s range and will not disappoint on any level. That having been said, Bengal Lancer has no unique quirks about it, which launch it to the level of being a standout beer. But hey, very often being good at being normal has its strengths. Bengal Lancer is well worth its place in the Fuller’s fleet.

Sammy’s Rating: 75%





BREWER: Timothy Taylor, West Yorkshire, England

STYLE: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.1%

VESSEL: 500ml brown bottle

TWITTER: @TimothyTaylors 

INSTAGRAM: timothytaylorsbrewery

DATE POSTED: 13th October 2017



There’s no escaping it – the packaging and marketing are dated, even with recent updates. And although this may be a conscious decision by the creatives at Timothy Taylor, it leaves Landlord as a brand that is aimed at the older generation and appears to be left behind the growing beer pack. This may seem counterintuitive…but behind the packaging is a beer that stands tall and packs a punch with the best of them.

Let’s face it, an ale like Landlord couldn’t really be left behind – the name says it all. It is the Landlord of the Timothy Taylor brewery and when you’re the flagship of such master brewers you’re at least keeping pace with the rest…the taste is deep and has lasting complexities. It has an aroma that could only be that of a British ale – and a stand out one at that.

This ale is one for all and, dated marketing aside, it’s a mainstay of the ale elite. This beer is one to be enjoyed for all occasions. So whether you’re settling down for an evening in the pub with old acquaintances (of which Landlord is one), enjoying a Sunday afternoon sup or socializing at a barbeque Landlord will be a trusty friend in all cases.

Sammy’s Rating: 71%



If you’re lucky enough to have an old man, and an old man that took you down the pub back in the day when you were maybe, I dunno, fourteen?? Then you’ll understand what I’m about to say.

TT Landlord tastes like a PROPER ale. A PROPER PROPER ALE!

Is it the best bottled pale ale in the world? No, of course it’s not. But when it comes to a classic tasting British ale that you could happily sup in front of an open fire or whilst eating or preparing your roast dinner of a Sunday then you will not go far wrong with this beaut. TRUST ME.

Packaging is dated (even with the recent update) and frankly, I love it! In all honesty, I preferred the previous packaging but that’s probably just me.

Landlord is great, make no mistake.

Classic ‘ALE’ in taste and look.

Jymi’s Rating: 82%



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